Best Table Saw for Small Shop

Best Table Saw for Small Shop

If you browse online for the best table saw for a small shop, you will discover that the market is flooded with them, which makes it hard for you to decide. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a top performer. Even though your shop is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a powerful table saw. We looked at small shops’ most popular table saws to find the best ones for this group and reviewed each of the five table saws based on a few key points. There were four of them: quality, accuracy, features, and safety. Because these are the things people care most about, you can find out more about them in our buying guide.

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What You Need to Know About the Table Saw for Your Small Shop?

Since the market is full of table saws, finding the best is not easy. To help you find the right tool for your small shop, here are the things you need to consider when buying one.

Advance Features

The parts that are cut must come first. But first, you must figure out what kinds of projects you can do. If you have a lot of ripping to do, you might want a bigger tabletop. It all comes down to finding a good balance. You want something small and portable but also big enough to cut and work on projects.

So, think about what you can do. For bench saws that are easy to use, the rip capacity will start at 18 inches. When you look at professional cabinet saws, you’ll see that they can be as long as 60 inches! The most important thing to look at when buying a table saw is how much it can cut. You want to make room for as many of the projects you want to do as possible.

Blade Size, Height, and Cutting Depth

You should also think about the blade’s height and how well it can cut. There are usually maximum and suggested bevel cut angle heights on every product. When you talk about blades, you should also think about the size of the blades.

The size of the blade tells you how deep you can cut. For blades that are 10 inches long, you can cut up to 3.5 inches. A blade that is 12 inches long can reach up to 4 inches.

Labels on the table saw will tell you the size of the round blade. Again, think about the projects you do most often to make it easier to choose.

Fence Options

Have you never seen a fence before? It is a useful, flexible guide that keeps your projects in place so you can cut quickly and safely. Most fences are T-squares, and most cuts work well with them. Most table saws have T-square fences, no matter how big or small.

There are special fences for people who like more structure and adjustability. For instance, micro-adjustable fences let the user make very precise measurements. Extendable fences are the best choice if you need to cut up bigger pieces of wood for your projects. Table saws can come with built-in magnifiers to help people with trouble seeing. You can see where you can make your measurements more precise and make sure everything is right.

Dust Collection

Some machines have dust ports that can be used to get rid of dust. The sizes of these dust ports vary, and in the end, it’s up to you to decide which one you want. In contrast to other table saw parts, there is no industry standard for dust ports.

We suggest measuring the ports and ensuring that shop vacuums and hoses fit them. If you can’t make it work, you must buy an adaptor. With the adaptor, the shop vac and hose will fit in the port, but it will cost you more money. It’s better to get something that goes with what you already have.

Safety Features

When working on a project, all users should follow safety tips. Using a table saw is difficult, and you must plan ahead to ensure nothing bad happens during the project. Table saws have safety features that can make woodworking easier. Spend money on the security systems. They have covers for the blade that make it easy not to touch the skin. Some machines have on/off buttons that are easy to use while sitting down at the table. Blade brakes can also be helpful. Accessories, such as riving knives, can also help you stay safe.

How Do I Choose a Table Saw?

Buying a table saw for woodworking can be hard because there are so many different kinds with so many different features. To make it easier to find the best table saw for your budget, you should think about the things we talked about above, such as the type of table saw, its power, safety, ripping capacity, and ripping fence.

Is DeWalt Table Saw Good for Woodworking?

Yes. Table saws from DeWalt are popular in home workshops, small professional shops, and job sites where carpenters work. You could also think about getting a miter saw.

What is the Difference Between a Contractor Saw and a Cabinet Saw?

Cabinet saws use more steel and cast iron than contractor saws. Their gearing, trunnions, and arbor assemblies are also heavier than those of contractor saws, and their motors are stronger.

How Long Should a Table Saw Last?

If you use your table saw often and take good care of it, it should last up to ten years. The blade will need to be replaced every two to four years.

5 Best Table Saw For Small Shop in 2022

1. DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-12-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)

Looking for a table saw that works both on wood crafting and job sites? Stop looking. The DEWALT 10-inch table saw is a powerful, small machine you can use in either setting. The 15-amp motor comes with a telescoping fence, a dust port, a rolling stand, a fence that can be adjusted, and safety parts.

Easy-to-Use Dust Collection Port

You don’t just have enough power with this table saw. You can make wider cuts, and the dust port is easy to use. It can connect to shop vacuum hoses with a 2.5-inch diameter. Going out of your way to getting an adapter is inconvenient.

Toll-Free Guarding Parts

There’s no problem with big, hardwood pieces. You can make precise cuts with the adjustment features and be sure you’ll be safe with the guarding parts that don’t require any tools. It’s also easy to move around because the rolling stand makes it quick to set up and take down.

Wide Ripping Capacity

This saw can cut through a wide range of materials. It lets you make wider cuts and, in the end, gives you more options. This table saw is the best when it comes to cutting.

It’s also a table saw that’s very easy to move around. It’s not heavy, and the rolling stand makes it easier to set up and get going.


  • Easy to cut through tough wood.
  • Wide rip capacity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rack-and-pinion fence system that moves up and down.
  • Easy-to-move stand.


  • Requires aligning before using.
  • Bevel does not have micro-adjustments.

Why Choose Dewalt DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS)?

By putting a DEWALT table saw on a rolling stand, the DEWALT DWE7491RS gives you more mobility. With its 15-Amp motor and 32-1/2-inch rip capacity, this 10-inch jobsite table saw makes quick work of chopping up thicker hardwoods, trim boards, and shelving.

2. Metabo HPT Table Saw 

Metabo HPT Table Saw | 10-Inch Blade | 35-Inch Rip Capacity | Fold & Roll Stand | 8 x 13/16-Inch Dado Capacity | C10RJS

The Metabo C10RJS table saw is made to rip-saw and cross-cut regular wood, hardwood, plywood, and composite wood materials, so it works well for amateur woodworkers. Still, it has many features that make it appealing to tradespeople who work on building sites.

15-Amp Drive Motor

The Metabo C10RJS has a 15-amp direct-drive motor, which generates 2.4 horse power to drive the blade. If there’s one thing a good table saw needs, it’s a strong electric motor. Using a saw with too little power is the worst thing you can do. This saw has enough power to cut through anything you put in front of it. The motor comes with a soft starter, which is a plus. What’s the point? When a motor starts, it uses 4 to 7 times as much electricity as it does when it is running normally.

Extendable Two Inches Support

A nice thing about the C10RJS that sets it apart from its competitors is that the back support can be extended by 2 inches. It gives longer pieces of work up to 10″ more outfeed support when fully extended. You won’t need a separate roller or table to support bigger pieces of work so you can work on them safely.

Extendable Fence

The fence moves along a rack-and-pinion track, which is similar to those found on portable DeWalt table saws. It can be moved 27″ to the right of where the blade normally is. You can take it off and move it to a different set of mounting points to get a total of 35″ ripping capacity. That’s about as big as a table saw can get on a job site.


  • Very stable because of its wide stand.
  • Tires with treads for all terrain.
  • Extremely flat table.
  • Good quality miter gauge.
  • The motor is powerful enough to handle any material.


  • The blade requires aligning before using. This process is not included in the manual.
  • When going through obstacles, an axie may tend to bend if not careful.

Why Choose Metabo HPT Table Saw?

With the Metabo HPT Table Saw, it will result to a good cutting depth, the ability to cut wide sheets, and a strong motor with a soft-start and a blade brake. Anti-kickback devices and outfeed support are already built-in.

3. SKIL 15 Portable Jobsite Table Saw (TS6307-00)

SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Folding Stand- TS6307-00

The SKIL 15 Jobsite Table Saw is promoted as a job site, and benchtop table saw. It weighs around 51 pounds, making it handy and easy to transfer from one location to another. This table saw is one of the best table saws we find as it is very reliable and at the same time costs less compared to others.

Rack and Pinion

The 15 Amp motor makes short work of even the hardest woods, and the rack-and-pinion fence rails ensure quick, precise adjustments.

Parallel Blade Alignment

This large cast-aluminum tabletop saw has a carbide blade that is 10 inches long and has 24 teeth. Cutting along the rip fence and miter slot is simplified by the blades’ parallel alignment.

Integrated Folding Legs

The legs of the stand fold out and are light, stable, and easy to use. The saw is light, but it has enough power to make quick work of framing lumber. The blade that comes with it isn’t very good, but that’s easy to change. The fence was lined up with the blade right out of the box, and it’s easy to move it to job sites or around the shop. We liked that it folded up into a cube when it wasn’t being used.


  • Reasonable price.
  • A powerful motor at 5000 RPM.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • No dust control, unlike others.
  • The riving knife’s blade isn’t movable.

Why Choose SKIL 15 Portable Jobsite Table Saw (TS6307-00)?

Overall, this table saw is a great buy. At 25.5 inches, the rip capacity of this 10-inch table saw is more than enough. The maximum cutting depth is 3.5 inches, which is deep enough to cut through a 4×4 piece of wood. The bevel range has been increased from -2 degrees to 47 degrees, which will cover most shop needs. You can get all of these features and more at a lower price.

4. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite (DWE7485)

DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-14-Inch (DWE7485)

Since the company’s founding, Dewalt has been at the forefront of technological advancement in the power tool sector. When combined with the Dewalt DWE7485, this saw becomes even smaller and more portable, making it ideal for contractors who need to bring a table saw to multiple sites.

Powerful Motor

The motor is rated for 15 amps at 110 volts so that it may be used with any standard wall outlet. The maximum no-load speed of the motor that turns the blade is 5800 RPM, and it requires an electrical cord to operate.

Impressive Cutting Capacity

The maker of this table saw gives you an 8-14″ blade that will work with it. It can cut up to 2-9/16″ deep when the blade is at 90° and can tilt up to 45°. The blade can cut rip cuts up to 24.5″ long on both sides.

Durable Fence and Materia Support

The hard plastic is used to make the table of this saw. The rack and pinion telescoping fence let users make the table bigger than it is by default. It has a built-in measuring system that works for both left-handed and right-handed cuts.


  • The design is small and light.
  • The combination of blades and motor is impressive.
  • Easy-to-adjust pro-modular guard.
  • The fence is easy to use and works well.


  • Doesn’t have a stand.
  • Blade tilt adjustment is inaccurate.

Why Choose DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite (DWE7485)?

With DWE7485, the depth of the cut will be 65mm, and at 45°, it will be 45mm. Its two-position fence with a rip capacity of 622 mm and one-handed bevel control make it easy to change the bevel quickly and accurately.

5. Goplus Table Saw

Goplus Table Saw, 10-Inch 15-Amp Portable Table Saw, 36T Blade, Cutting Speed Up to 5000RPM, 45º Double-Bevel Cut, Aluminum Table, Benchtop Table Saw with...

Goplus has been committed for years to giving customers worldwide cost-effective tools that look good and use new technology. They offer a wide range of tools, such as automotive, hand, power, repair, etc., that make work easier. Goplus tools help you get the job done right, whether you’re a professional mechanic or just like to do things yourself.

Impressive Cutting Performance

This table saw has a powerful 15 Amp motor that doesn’t make much noise and can cut at 5,000 RPM, making it easy to cut through different kinds of hardwood. And the heavy-duty stand for the table saw keeps the table from rolling over while cutting.

Ergonomic Table Saw for the Benchtop

Your wrench and push stick can be stashed away in the onboard storage system for easy access. Overload protection and on/off control are both features of the table saw stand that can be accessed via the safety switch. The portability of the 10-inch table saw makes it ideal for use in the great outdoors.

36-Toothed Cutting Edge and Lightweight Aluminum Surface

The coated aluminum tabletop has a 26″ rip capacity that makes it easy to cut through larger pieces of wood. It also reduces friction to make sliding easier. The 36T carbide-tipped blade on the table saw is made with a clear guard and a riving knife to keep you from getting hurt by flying chips or accidentally cutting yourself.


  • Heavy duty.
  • It is recommended for small workshops.
  • The table surface is sturdy and stable.
  • You can use the tool even without the stand.
  • Lightweight and smooth cuts.


  • The fence is not square.
  • It is not recommended for hard jobs.

Why Choose Goplus Table Saw?

The saw is well made, and it can be used for projects of medium size. Compared to other saws, it has a large ripping capacity and can make bevel cuts, cross cuts, and slots.


After reviewing the above products, we find DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (DWE7491RS) as the best choice among the five items. It has the power and features a small shop requires. Our second best is from Dewalt as well as the brand is known for quality table saws. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite is recommended for bigger projects and shops. Table saws that are portable and strong are good for small shops.

No matter how big or small your workshop is, there’s a table saw for you. We suggest that you don’t buy the first small table saw you see. Before buying something, you should think about safety and portability. If you want to share your thoughts about finding the best table saw for a small shop, feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

What type of cut does a table saw do?

With a table saw, you can make cuts in wood that are straight and exact. They can make a cross-cut, a ripping cut, or a dado cut. Crosscut: A cut that goes across the board’s grain or narrow grain. A ripping cut is a cut that goes across the width of a board.

What side should the fence be on a table saw?

When cutting a wide board with a rip fence, your work piece should almost always be on the side between the blade and the fence. Moving the sheet from the side where the cut will be made can be tempting, but once the cut is made, you will put pressure on the saw blade instead of the fence.

How do you make a smooth cut on a table saw?

Most miter gauges have a narrow width that makes them bad for crosscutting, especially when cutting at an angle. Attach a wood fence to the miter gauge with screws to give it more support. (This is why most gauges have holes.)
Use a straight 13 or 14, and make it high enough so the blade won’t cut off completely. Then, it’s easy to add a removable stop block so you can make multiple cuts or change the angle so you can use the same fence to make miter cuts. But use a square or protractor to double-check the miter gauge’s accuracy before making any cuts.
When you’re cutting, always push the piece you’re cutting and the fence all the way past the blade. Then turn off the saw, pull the fence back, and remove the pieces you just cut.

How powerful should a table saw be?

The strong 15 amp motor can reach speeds of up to 4250 RPM, making it easy to cut through a wide range of tough materials. There is also a 45° bevel, and a miter gauge on the table saw so you can cut at the most common angles.

What size motor is best for a table saw?

1.75 horsepower is enough for a do-it-yourselfer or a casual woodworker. If you use your table saw often or work with hardwoods that are hard to cut, you will want one with a higher rating. You will need a table saw with three horsepower or more to build or make things.

What do I need to know about buying a table saw for a small shop?

When choosing a table saw, the first thing you should think about is its size. After all, you only have so much room! You want enough room for the table saw and other tools and projects.
When you look for a table saw for the first time, you’ll notice that they are grouped by size, weight, and different features. We don’t think industrial cabinet table saws are a good choice. A cabinet table saw isn’t necessary for a small workshop and a few do-it-yourself projects.

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