best circular saw for woodworking

Best Circular Saw for Woodworking

The search for the best circular saw for woodworking in the market can be challenging. The market is filled with lots of brands all claiming to be efficient. Some of them fail to impress as they offer lesser than expected. This has complicated the search for a good. portable and cost-effective portable circular saw. There are arrays of products in the market. I will be discussing about five amazing products you should try out.

This review equips you with the right information to make your search easier. With the right knowledge, you can always be sure of your choice. This review is based on first-hand experience with these tables saw. Do follow through.

Top 3 Recommendation

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Our Top PickTACKLIFE TCS115A circular saw with metal hand
  • Item Weight: 8.27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.5 x 4.7 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
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Best Choice 1
Best Choice 1MAKITA SP6000JI 6 – 1/2. Plunge circular saw kit
  • Item Weight: 28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 75 x 14.8 x 24.2 inches
  • Material: N/A
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Best Choice 2
Best Choice 2MAKITA 5007Mg magnesium 7 -/4 inch circular saw
  • Item Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.9 x 17.9 x 13.9 inches
  • Material: Other
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5 Best Circular Saw for Woodworking 2022



The circular saw is becoming more popular for a DIY project. This circular saw is both efficient and durable. It has a 710 W powered electrical motor. The motor gives the blade a speed of 3500 RPM which enables the saw to cut with accuracy and precision. It is laser-guided to increase the cutting precision giving you a neat and professional cut. This circular saw comes with three blades set to increase the variability in cutting. The set is 2 of 6, 2 of 24, and 2 of diamond teeth. And they can cut through different materials; plastic, wood, and tiles.

To ensure safety, the saw blade would not start until the two safety buttons are pressed simultaneously. This is to prevent the accidental start and to make it harder for children to aluminum alloy blade guide helps ensure safety more by decreasing the possibility of you making contact with the blade.

This tool is very affordable no matter the size of your budget. Its weight might not be the lightest on market but carrying it about should not be a problem. This circular saw can accommodate 4 – ¾ inches and 4 – ½ inches blade size. The maximum cutting depth at 90 degree is 1 – 11/16 inches. It has an adjustable dust removal feature that ensures a cleaner and neater work environment. The dust removal system can be attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Another commendable thing about this product is it 2 years warranty. This is like a seal of confidence the manufacturer has on it.



Makita is a trusted brand in the saw-making industry. They have one of the best table-saw in the market. And of course, they did not fail in producing a well-capable and durable circular saw. There is a lot to admire about this wonderful product. The MG in its name stands for magnesium which is integrated throughout the saw component. Its magnesium component increases the product’s durability. Due to the light nature of the compound. the tool is generally light and comfortable to carry. You have here light and durable component. It is quite hard to combine these attributes together in a saw. The saw is ergonomically designed which makes it comfortable to carry for a long. Working for long can lead to a lot of discomfort which the ergonomic design of this to reduces.

Talking about the engine, it has one of the fastest speeds in the circular saw category. It can run up to 58000 RPM which is quite impressive for a table saw. The high speed makes it easy for the saw to cut through the material easily and neatly. Mounted near the blade is an LED light which helps to increase visibility during cutting. This makes it easier to cut accurately. This feature is particularly important when working in an area with low illumination. Considering that most workspaces are usually well lit. this might not be an important addition. One disadvantage of this product is the absence of an electric brake. An electric blade makes it easy to stop the blade fast. This is particularly important during emergencies.


This cutting tool is very precise in cutting and powerful. It is powered by a 12-ampere electrical motor unit. The blade speed is adjustable which is a big advantage. You can vary the speed depending on the material you want to cut. For tougher materials. use a higher speed. The lowest speed is 2000 RPM while the highest is 5200 RPM. Varying the speed also prevents overheating which may damage the saw motor.

It is a very portable tool and can be used on a worksite. It is easy to carry and use. This is perfect for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. The saw blade is about 6 inches in diameter and contains 48 teeth. The teeth tip is made of carbide which increases the blade’s durability and efficiency.

The cutting tool has a dust collector which is made more effective by connecting it to a shop vacuum. This makes the shop cleaner and prevents air pollution and the hazards resulting from pollution. It’s guided rail which is about 55 inches long makes it possible to cut straight. This feature remarkably increases the accuracy of the cutting tool. Attached to the base is a rubber material that enhances adhesion between the tool and the material. This makes the use of a clamp totally unnecessary.

One disadvantage of this tool is the short length of it cord. This makes cutting through a long material difficult. You can fix this easily by getting an extension cord. If you don’t have one already, buying it is an added cost which still makes it a disadvantage.



This circular saw is equipped with a 15-ampere electric motor which is more powerful than most circular saws. It has just enough power to cut through most material. Its blade is both sharp and effective. The blade tip is made of carbide which increases the cutting efficiency. Its blade contains 18 strong and sharp teeth. The Allen tool that comes with the blade makes it easy to change the blade. The blade speed is about 5500 RPM which is fast enough to cut through most material. The blade is guarded to prevent accidents that can be caused by making contact with the saw blade.

Its blade can cut through a depth of 2 – ½ inches at 90 degrees. And can cut up to 1 – 7/8 inches deep at 45 degrees. The blade is replaceable perhaps you are not satisfied with it performance. All you have to do is to hold the locking button on top of the unit. Then turn the screw holding the blade in place. Its auxiliary handle makes it easy to handle.

This product is one of the lightest circular saws on the market. It is lightweight making it easy to carry about and comfortable to work with. The steel shoe and lower guard of the saw provide additional durability to the tool. Its cutting depth can be adjusted and increasing the versatility of this circular saw.

Another commendable thing about this product is it 3 years warranty. This is like a seal of confidence the manufacturer has on it.



Looking for a circular saw that is light. compact and powerful? Well, look no further. The genesis GCS445SE has all these attributes plus it is not so expensive. It is one of the top three best sellers of circular blades. This speaks volumes about its effectiveness and how customers love it. The cutting blade runs at a speed of about 3500 RPM when unloaded. This is made possible by its 5.5-ampere electric motor. It easily cuts through wood and light metal material. The cutting depth can be varied and the control is easy to use. You do not need to switch to a larger saw when cutting 2 x materials as it cuts them well and neatly.

Another amazing feature is its built-in dust port and vacuum adapter that helps control the dust. Dust cause air pollution which can respiratory illness. They also decrease visibility in the workshop thereby increasing the chances of accidents. The dust port is really an important feature that makes this product stand out.

The blade tip is made of carbide material which increases the durability of the blade. Its carbide-tipped blade ensures a more accurate and neat cutting. The blade is 24-teethed and does the cutting work effectively. GENESIS GCS445SE rip guide ensures the cutting is done effectively and with precision.

Buyer’s Guide

Circular Saw Blade

It is challenging trying to get the best circular saw tool today. The market is saturated with myriads of options all of the promising quality. In reality, not all of these brands have delivered their promise successfully. Most promises are mere market strategy and gimmicks. This has made the search tougher and only people with the right information can buy a satisfactory product. Well, if you believe in luck. you might luckily get one too. But come on, you won’t want to risk buying a substandard tool because of luck.

In this buyer’s guide, you will be equipped with information about choosing the right product. The right product varies, depending on the user. To someone with a low budget. the right product is probably the cheapest. A professional right product is probably a premium tool with lots of features. We will be discussing this in-depth shortly. This guide is designed to guide you into making the right choice, giving you nothing but the best. Here is a list of factors you should consider before buying.

The saw blade

The blade differs in their diameter. teeth number and arbor size. Different blades are designed for cutting different materials. Some are all-purpose like the combination blade. The combination blade can be used to cut parallel or across the wood. It is suitable for wide application in woodworking.

The fine tooth blade is designed for making a very smooth cut. The plywood blade is as the name implies used for cutting plywood. It has a large number of teeth for a better cut. For parallel cutting exclusively. the ripping blade is best. Other blades include a crosscutting blade. dado blade and the thin kerf blade.

The teeth type and number

The number of teeth on a blade will depend on the purpose it was designed for. Fewer-toothed blades are designed for heavy-duty cutting and they give a rougher cut. Blade with more teeth cut through fine and neat. The teeth number varies from 24 to about 80.

The type of teeth is also an important factor to watch out for. Different types are again designed for a different types of use. A flat top for example is used in ripping wood apart. Triple chip grind teeth are tailored to cut through laminated material, plastic, and noniron metals.

The table saw motor

The motor provides the torque for the blade to run. Due to its portable size, the circular saw has a smaller motor. The engine may be little in size however they are very viable. They can deliver up to 2 horsepowers and the premium table saw can deliver about 5 horsepower. There is a belt drive that helps transfer the motor power to the blade. The blade speed is dependent on the motor power; the blade speed can be up to 5,000 RPM when unloaded.

The saw accessories

The base wheel, adjustable depth, and dust collection system are accessories that are important. They add to the functionality of the table saw making it more effective in cutting. The dust collection system for example helps to collect dust. They prevent the hazards of air pollution such as cancer. It likewise forestalls low perceivability that is regular to clean filled air. Low perceivability can prompt mishap when contact is made with the saw cutting edge.

The product price

The cost of a table value contrasts by brands. Some are more expensive than others. Imported goods are usually more expensive than locally manufactured ones. Premium products are more expensive than the regular ones, this is due to it additional features. The premium products are worth the price. as they give you a better value for your money. The most professional worker uses premium products while beginners can settle for the standard ones. Price tag on the product differs by manufacturer. Some produces at a lesser price in order to penetrate the market and get buyers’ attention.

The technology used in manufacturing can affect pricing too. Some manufacturers are more effective in production due to technological advancement than others. This enables them to sell at a lower price than competitors. No matter the size of your budget. There is always a product available for you to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Can I get seriously injured using a circular saw?

Yes, you can. Coming in contact with the blade while in motion can lead to serious injury.

Will these products perform as advertised?

Most top brands perform very well as seen in the advert.

How do I know my blade needs sharpening?

A dull blade cuts very inaccurately. You will notice an increase resistance between your blade and the wood. Also, your blade needs sharpening when it stops cutting the wood straight as it used to.

How to I maintain my saw blade?

Regular tool maintenance keeps the tool in good shape for long. The blade is maintained by cleaning it regularly. Adding oil to the moving part is also a prudent thing to do. To avoid spending more sharpening the blade, buy a quality blade which will last longer.

How do I set up this machine?

The table saw is super easy to step up with the manual being very instructional. If you still have difficulty in setting up, you can reach out to an engineer.

Can I cut any other material with my circular saw?

Yes, you can cut some lightweight material like aluminum. Cutting a soft aluminum can be tricky as it deform rather than cut.

Does a circular saw have blade protector?

Yes, most circular saws have blade protector. The top brands do at least

Where can I find the spindel lock?

The spindel lock is located on the motor housing.

Do I need a battery for my circular saw?

Most circular saw are electric saw. You will not need a battery to make it work.

Is the electrical part of the circular saw well insulated?

Yes, all electrical part of the circular saw is insulated. Insulation is done to prevent electric shock.

What blade type comes with the circular saw?

The type of blade a circular saw uses is dependent on the design. Some are designed to cut wood only. Others can cut through metals.

Is the cutting depth of the circular saw adjustable?

Yes, you can always adjust the cutting depth of the circular saw.

Can I use a circular saw to cut through marbles?

No, I will advise strongly against that. It does not have enough power to cut through such material. You will end up smoking the motor if you try it.

Is the Makita SP6000JI soft start?

Yes, it is.

My saw is made of magnesium; does that increase the possibility of fire outbreak?

No, solid magnesium burns at a very high temperature. So, you have nothing to worry about.

How long is a typical circular saw power cord?

The power cord should be around 8 feet long.

How many teeth does a circular saw have?

The number of teeth of a saw vary. It depends on the manufacturer’s design and the saw’s intended function. The teeth can vary from 27 to 80.


The ability to choose right is borne by the right knowledge of things. Today’s markets are filled with different circular saws available in the store. It is advisable to go for trusted brands while choosing. as they have been tested and trusted.

You now know which products you should go for and which you should not. The right choice for an amateur might be different from that for professional use. Some products however can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. You should consider the ease to operate the best circular saw for woodworking especially if you are a first-timer with circular saws. Thank you for following through. wish you a happy shopping.

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