Best Electric Pole Chain Saw

Best Electric Pole Chain Saw

Our homes, compounds, gardens, and lawns need constant attendance and landscaping. These areas require maintenance using appropriate tools or tools of work. A pole saw is one of the best electric pole chain saws and is ideal for such duties. Here are five products to review to equip the buyer with adequate information regarding each product.

At the end of this review article, you should have an easy time selecting the one that fits your tasks and budget. The document is reliable in making the purchase decision.

Besides the reviews, a buying guide will come in handy. It presents the things you need to look out for when selecting the best product for your garden.

To complete the review, we shall have a series of questions that will answer all the questions related to the electric pole chain saw.

The closing paragraph will summarize everything in this article.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pole Chain Saw

pole chain saw

Battery-powered Vs. the corded electric poles

While the battery-powered pole saws have less power than the corded ones, they bear numerous advantages. The corded saws limit the distance you can work with and are very difficult for maneuverability. You can still have an extension cord, but won’t be as effective as the battery-powered electric pole saw.

Battery-powered saws mainly operate on either 20 Volt or 40 Volt Lithium-Ion or Ni Cad rechargeable batteries. The power ranges from 2 to 7.5 amp per hour. Depending on the type of saw you choose, you can work on any part of your lawn without limitations. Since it does not use a cord, it can function exceptionally well away from the socket.

Battery-powered saws require very little maintenance if any. You can always do this without being near the power source.

The cost

Battery-powered models tend to be more costly than corded ones. The flexibility it offers, with the extra cost of the battery, can make its price shoot way beyond that of its counterpart. In most cases, the price ranges from $80 for the budget ones to $400 for the most expensive models.

Another factor to consider when it comes to cost is the maintenance fee. It can determine the total value of the product.

The blade dimension

The trees on your lawn keep growing, and consequently, you have to consider the blade dimension of the saw. Consider the time you take to clear the branches. Trees keep on growing, and they need regular maintenance. However, if you do not have time to work on them, they might grow large, and you might consider a saw with a large blade dimension.

Consider the output of the saw before buying one. The dimensions will depend on the amount of power output. A large cutting diameter would be ideal for both large ad thin trees at once.

The average electric pole saw has a blade of 8-inch in diameter. It can trim tree branches ranging from 4 to 8 inches thick. The large ones, however, can be up to 12 inches depending on the manufacturer and the model.


Trimming overhead branches can be dangerous. On the other hand, using a ladder can also lead to bodily harm if unstable. Other safety features include the quick-stop brake, triggers, and replacement locks. For working out at night, others come with LED lights for convenience purposes. The lock-off switch should help turn off the pole saw when the user becomes exhausted and needs to rest. Be wary of falling branches when cutting overhead or overgrown trees.

Combination saws

Sometimes, it is necessary to detach the saw from the pole and use it for other purposes, such as a chainsaw. Some models can do exactly that. Such pole saws are excellent when looking for a light-use saw that can cut up wood once the branches are down. However, these electric saws might not perform heavy tasks, such as, cutting a 12-inch log.

The weight

A heavy product can be hard to operate, as you might require to put it down every few minutes. Weight should be an ingredient in the purchase process. Consider buying a light product to enhance the ease of operation.

The height

The length of an electric pole saw is what you must also consider before buying one. Proper height produces an excellent grip and leads to quality cuts. Do not forget to consider telescoping features when making the purchase. A usual pole saw can reach a height of approximately 8 inches. Telescoping can enable it to reach a height of up to 15 inches. Some models do not have this feature, hence a factor to consider when making a purchase.

Motor amperage

Both cordless and corded electric pole saws operate with optimum power, measured in Amps. The higher the motor amp, the faster it will be. On the other hand, it will prevent overheating when the saw works continuously.

The one with low amps will produce less power, leading to lower operating speeds and regular overheating. It is difficult to use such a machine continuously without the need for servicing or maintenance.

When purchasing or considering owning the best electric pole chain saw, motor amperage should play a critical role in decision-making.


While this might not play a critical role in purchasing an electric saw, it is worth securing one. These products come at a price, and you may find a defective one. The warranty from the manufacturer can help alleviate the suffering that the consumer would suffer. It should cover all the parts and run for a given time, usually two years. In case the manufacturer does not offer a warranty, then you should have the guarantee that your product will function as expected.

What is the Best Electric Pole Chain Saw

1. Kimo 13-Foot 4,000mAh Battery

KIMO Pole Saw, 13-Foot Max. Reach 4000mAh Battery Powered Pole Saw for Tree Trimming, 8-Inch Cutting Bar, 18fts Speed, Auto Oiling, Multi-Angle Electric...

In selecting this product, you get access to the following features:

  • Instant engine start.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Efficient length for trimming tall trees.
  • Cuts through thick trees.
  • Comfort.

Features and benefits

It is equipped with a 4.0mAh battery making it more convenient than the cord. Electric cords limit the distance you can work on, hence ridding them. Its battery is long-lasting and works together with a powerful motor. It starts instantly without pulling cords.

An automatic oiling system ensures the chain is perfectly lubricated, meaning smooth spins and constant chain speed. The oil indicator window will let you know when it is time to refill as it runs low.

As it is 13 feet long, there is no need for a ladder. You can easily prune the hard-to-reach branches using this equipment. Ladders can sometimes be unstable, endangering yourself as you perform your tasks. Stand safely on the ground as you trim.

With its 8-inch cutting bar, it cuts right through 6-inch-thick trees. The head angle can easily adjust from 0⁰ to 30⁰, giving you a flexible field of operation.

It is lightweight, measuring 6.8lbs, making it comfortable to hold and use.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cordless.
  • Excellent for tall trees.
  • Instant start.


  • It produces vibrations.
  • Battery power diminishes with time.

Why you should buy this product?

It is fast charging, powerful, and less costly to own.

2. Worx 8-Amp, 10-Inch WG309 Corded

WORX WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension & WG303.1, 14.5 Amp 16-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw with..
  • Some of its features include:
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Chain brake.
  • Up high or down low.
  • Lightweight.

Features and benefits

Its automatic oiler will always keep the chain operating efficiently, making it has controlled and fast cuts. The chain speed and operations will also be smooth.

The 8-Amp powerful motor provides consistent and reliable performance, performing a lot of tasks at a go.

The quick-stop chain brake prevents accidental cutting. It is, therefore, safe to operate this machine. While protecting against cutting trees not intended to, it also protects the user against harmful cuts.

The brand is a 2-in-1 combination for trimming branches from trees and the other for projects on the ground. The up-high one is useful for tall trees and protruding branches. On the other hand, the down low is perfect for landscaping and maintaining flowers.

The chain saw weighs only 10 pounds, making it one of the lightest products. It is to be held high while working, hence the need to be lightweight and maneuverable.


  • Automatic chain lubrication system.
  • Quick stop chain brake.
  • Lightweight.
  • Two-in-one for an all-purpose functionality.
  • Has a metal spike bumper.


  • It uses more power.
  • Though it is light, it can become heavier with constant use.

Why should you buy this product?

The package comes as a two-in-one, giving you the option to maintain your garden, both high and low.

3. Kimo 13-foot Tree Trimming Cordless

Pole Saws for Tree Trimming, KIMO 13-Foot Max. Reach Telescoping Cordless Electric Pole Saw, 20V Battery Powered Pole Chainsaw w 8-Inch Cutting Bar, 18fts...

The product features the following attributes:

  • Low kickback.
  • Instant start.
  • Extendable pole trimmer.
  • High power.
  • Telescoping pole.

Features and benefits

With its low kickback, enjoy safe conditions of using your power saw using the standard-size guided bar. There are also replacement parts for the saw at Kimo Store.

The instant start feature operates on a 2.0Ah battery. Press the “start” button, and you are on your way to pruning those tall trees in your compound. The package comes with a battery and charger.

The extendable pole trimmer enables the user to perform easy trimming and cutting. With this, you can reach the tallest trees, up to 13 feet long. The product is ideal for all types of tree pruning, whether bushy hedges or overgrown flowers.

The 20V power system is reliable and triggers a high cutting speed of 18ft/sec. In return, it delivers up to 60 cuts on an 8-inch tree. The pole saw cuts through thick tree branches.

With its 13-feet long, extendable pole saw, there is no need for using a ladder.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Instant start.
  • Low kickback.
  • Powerful system.


  • Low battery life.
  • It produces vibrations.

Why should you buy this product?

It is affordable and can perform all the tasks, including those in hard-to-reach areas.

4. Sun Joe 9 ft, 6.5 Amp SWJ802E-SJB

Sun Joe SWJ802E-SJB 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw with Adjustable Head, Dark Blue

Some of the best features of this product include:

  • Long telescopic pole.
  • Warranty.
  • Multi-position head cut.
  • Reliability.
  • Powerful motor.

Features and benefits

The long telescopic pole can extend to 9.4 feet to provide an additional overhead reach of up to 15 feet. It means you can trim even the tallest trees without a ladder improving stability.

Enjoy some peace of mind with a 2-year CSA-approved warranty from the manufacturer. It covers the entire tool and caters to all replacements. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

With its multi-position head cuts, you can adjust the angle of cutting or trimming. It can work at 0⁰, 15⁰, or even 30⁰, giving you the ability to work at multiple positions.

The pole saw is reliable and ideal for cutting overhanging limbs or thin logs. Its chain length makes it perfect for cutting thick lumber up to 7.5 inches wide.

With its 6.5 Amp-powerful motors, the saw can cut right into the branches that are 7.5 inches thick.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Multi-position head cuts.
  • Powerful motor.


  • The battery has a short lifespan.
  • It cannot cut through branches thicker than 7.5 feet.

Why should you buy this product?

The product is affordable and can perform most of the tasks in your compound.

5. Sun Joe 10-Inch, 8.0 Amp SWJ803E Multi-Angle

Sun Joe SWJ803E 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw, Green

In choosing this product, you gain the following:

  • Multi-angle adjustments.
  • Versatility.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Extendable telescoping pole.
  • Reliability.

Features and benefits

With its multi-position head cuts, you can adjust the angle of cutting or trimming. It can work at 0⁰, 15⁰, or even 30⁰ giving you the ability to trim at multiple positions. These adjustments enable you to reach even the hard-to-reach points.

It is versatile enough to reach overhanging limbs as well as thin longs. The chain length allows it to cut all types of logs.

With its 8 Amp powerful motor, the saw can cut right into the branches that are 9.5 inches thick. Such overgrown and thick logs can be problematic to the pole saw.

The long telescopic pole can extend from 5.8 ft to 8.8 ft to provide an additional overhead reach of up to 15 feet. It means you can cut even the tallest trees without a ladder, hence improving stability.

The product is reliable for cutting both tall and short trees. In some instances, it can handle low-ground work such as long-hanging branches, and short flower trees.


  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible head adjustments.
  • Powerful motor.


  • Pricey.
  • It produces vibrations.

Why should you buy this product?

The product is powerful and cuts through thick, tall, and overhead trees in your compound.

How to use an electric pole chain saw

Assemble the product, and adjust the telescoping pole to the correct height before using it. Always ensure that it reaches the intended position or where the branches are.

Stand at an angle relative to the limb or branch you are working on. Never go below the tree limb as you risk it falling on your head! There should be a clear path for the waste to the ground.

Finally, stand in a stable position and press the “start” button. Accelerate the saw and bring it close to the branch. Make a soft contact and push it through gently until the limb falls. Switch it off when you are through.

How hard is it to use a pole saw

It depends on the level of experience. Just like using anything for the first time, it might not be easy at start. However, as you get used to it and how it works, it should become easy. It is ideal to understand how to keep it functioning and position the head well at the end of the pole. First-time users have a lot of difficulties operating it than those with significant experience.

Can I use a pole saw like a chain saw

Yes, it is possible to use. Some feature combination saws for both works. However, it depends on the size of the wood you want to cut. If it is thin, convert the pole saw to a chain saw.

If you are dealing with large trees or logs, it will be impossible to convert the pole saw to a chain saw. The reason is that it will not be able to generate enough power or the right size of energy for the job.

In summary, it is possible to use it as a chain saw, but not all the models can perform the task.

How do you start a pole chain saw

Make sure that your tank has gas if it uses gas. On the other hand, the battery should have enough charge, but if not, and connected to the socket.

Place the machine on flat terrain or surface and in the proper orientation. Hold it steadily against the ground, and make sure you have a good grip.

Locate the rope on the rear side of the pole saw. A small piece of it should be protruding. Steadily, pull on the start of the rope. If it does not start instantly, continue with the exercise until the engine turns on. When the engine starts, depress the throttle pressure lockout. Squeeze the throttle trigger.

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When selecting the best electric pole chain saw, many things come into play. They are best suited for trimming trees and limbs in your gardens, compound, or lawns. Most buyers have trouble selecting the product that fits their specifications. However, having looked at the above five best products in the market, it should be easy to get one.

A product like Sun Joe 10-Inch, 8.0 Amp SWJ803E Multi-Angle Electric Pole Chain Saw, can best suit your budget and operational standard. That is not to say that the rest do not meet the qualifications, but we are giving you an option to consider if there is trouble in selection.

Finally, you can go through the buying guide in this article. It has all the things that you need to know when planning to buy an electric pole chain saw. There are a few clarifications and a series of questions to entrench your knowledge about these products.

Please go through this document for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What is the difference between a pole saw and a chain saw?

There are a few differences between the two.
First, the pole saw cuts through thick logs, measuring up to 12 inches thick. On the other hand, a chain saw can only work on thin ones, which can be up to 4 inches or less.

Secondly, the pole saw is long and can extend. It can cut the logs or trim trees far from your body, such as overgrown trees. On the other hand, the chain saw is short and can only work on objects close to your body. It does not reach taller targets.

Finally, a pole saw has more power than a chain saw. That is to say it can handle heavier tasks than a chain saw.

Which is better, electric or gas pole saw?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on the task to perform. A few things make the gas pole saw better than the electric one.

The gas pole saws are suitable for heavy-duty work such as cutting heavy or thick logs. On the other hand, the electric ones cannot handle heavy tasks easily.

A gas-powered pole saw can safely trim hard-to-reach branches with a lot of ease. If you are planning to purchase one, the nature of the accompanying tasks should guide you, but the gas chain saw should come as a first consideration.

What is a chain saw on a pole called?

As the name says, it is called a pole saw.  The name is so basically because chain saws and ladders do not mix. When using a pole saw, you will not need the services of a ladder when it can extend to 15 inches long.

There is always a right and a wrong way of pruning tall branches and limbs. A chain saw might not be able to handle such a task, hence attached to the pole, where it derives its name.

How do you cut branches with a pole chain saw?

One of the things to consider when cutting branches is safety. Overhanging limbs can be dangerous to trim, especially if you stand perpendicularly to them.

To avoid them falling on you when cutting, you should stand perpendicular to the ground. The chain saw, on the other hand, should be at the correct angle with your location. Attach the chain saw to the pole, and extend it to the appropriate height, where you should cut.

Make sure your saw has enough power for the task that you do not have to stop in the middle. Leaving half-cut branches hanging can be dangerous to anything on the ground.

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