best portable table saw for fine woodworking

Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking

Selecting the best portable table saw for fine woodworking can be challenging. The market is saturated with a lot of brands all claiming to be efficient. But a lot of them failed keeping up to these promises, thus making the search tougher. The choice is dependent on the wood you are working on among other factors. Some tools are designed for specific wood type while others can work on a wide range of wood type.

This review is made to guide you in selecting just the best tool for you. This review is based on first-hand experience with these table saw.

Top 3 Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking Comparison

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7 Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking Reviews

1. Knife Sharpener

DEWALT is a trust brand in the saw making industry. They have in market some of the best saw yet and this product is no exception. This table saw is equipped with a 15 amp torque motor. which makes it suitable for various works type. It is a perfect tool for hard and delicate woods. The blade delivers about 3850 resolution per minute when not loaded. The blade resolution is not bad for a table saw. and it allows it to cut through cleanly.

It weighs about 54 pounds and this makes it very easy to carry around. It table coating helps to reduce friction between the table. and the wood increasing the smoothness while cutting. The tool base comes with a metal tool cage that increases in durability. This also helps protect the saw from falling. It conveniently balanced base ensures a firm grip.

There is an ease to adaptation with this tool as it has a specially designed telescopic fence. The telescopic fence helps to adjust your tool to suite your work area. It can serve as a great tool for professional and amateur use. The tool occupies less space giving a larger room to work. This unit comes with a dust collecting feature through it port and this enable a cleaner working environment. Taking a critical look. the dust collecting port is not well enclosed and some dust can leak out.


This amazing product got popular in 2011 majorly for it lightweight. It weighs about 52 pounds which is quite impressive. The 15 amp motor gives it a great cutting power. It could cut through hard and delicate wood fast and cleanly. This perfectly designed tool balances portability and power. an ideal attribute of a good table saw. It lightweight makes it easy to be carried about from one work site to another. This tool can be used by amateur who are working on a DIY project or by a professional. It is easy to use and powerful features make it a perfect choice by a wide range of users.

The saw cord is moderate enough if you plan using it next to your workshop outlet. You will need an extension cord however if the distance from the outlet is far. It can cut as deep as 3 –1/8 inches at 90 degree and about 2-1/4 inches at 45 degree. The cutting depth is quite impressive for a table saw. It base is very power as it is made of steel. this increases the durability. It can handle up to medium impact from the work space. This tool comes with an on board storage system. which helps store workshop tools rather than they occupying space around.

The Bosch GTA1031 engine has a speed of 5000 RPM when not loaded. This is better than most table saw type and this saw can cut different wood type doing so cleanly. To protect from the hazard of air pollution. this tool has a dust collection feature. The dust collection port is about 2 inches long which can be attached to a vacuum.


This tool is a premium jobsite too released by DEWALT. It has one of the best overall jobsite and mobile options. This tool has a 15 amps motor torque and a blade speed of 4,800 rpm. This is an improvement from the older DEWALT model; this has help to increase it ripping quality. It is a very accurate cutting too and this is aided by the rack and pinion fence. The fence can be adjusted easily and it rides on the rail at the back and front of the saw. This helps eliminate the possibility of fence drift which can make the cutting very inaccurate.

It is very easy to carry as it is relatively lightweight. The stand is strong, compact and is easy to set up. Unlike most portable table saw. this model has two dust collectors. One is located above the blade and the other is located below the table. The dust collector is very effective and it collects about 85% of the dust. The amount of dust collected in also dependent on the type of wood you are cutting it with. A lighter wood dust is harder to collect than a heavier and wet wood dust. The effectiveness of the dust collector is increased by attaching it to a vacuum.


This cutting tool boasts of an impressive 5,000 rpm when unloaded. It has a lower price than most brands and gives a good value for your money. It is a very efficient cutting tool. The blade is power by a 15 amps motor torque which is similar to most table saw. It weighs about 64 pounds and is not one of the lightest table saw in market. If you plan carrying if from place to place often. you might want to consider other lighter products. The saw table has a dimension of 20 x 16 inches which is smaller than most brands. On a good side. the dimension makes it more portable

This tool has a heavy duty and easy to set up stand which is made of steel. It amazing rip capacity makes it easy to rip a material of 8 x 4 inches material in half. It 28 tooth blade is quite noisy but is an effective cutting advantage. The saw blade is not very durable and you might have to replace it often. This tool allows the fitting of an 8 inches dado blade which is best for a table saw it size.

In terms of safety, the tool has an easy to fit blade guard with an anti-kickback pawl. This as it name suggest helps to prevent kickback. The tool fence is self-aligning and some have complained about the fence not moving too well.


This brand has been renamed as metabo. It is tool of choice for professional users as it is powerful and dependable. It is specifically tailored for professional users. The saw table stand is made of steel and is very durable and maneuverable. It blade is 10 inches in diameter with forty carbide tipped blade for better cutting power. The blade speed is about 4,500 rpm when unloaded which s quite impressive for a table saw. It can cut through 3-1/8 inches at ninety degree and 2- ¼ inches at forty five degree.

This table saw is powered by a 15 amps motor torque. which gives the blade the driving power for it speeds. It works perfectly on a wide range of wood. from the hard one to the soft and delicate ones.

The saw on board storage helps keep cutting tool organized and easy to access than when scattered around the workspace. Hitachi prioritizes safety and the products have a soft start and an electric brake to stop the blade during emergency. It telescoping table extension enhances the saw ripping capacity.

This product comes with a 2 years warranty. It is relatively heavier than most table saw but it comes with a wheel moving it easier. The tool will balance even on space with rough topography.


The Bosch 4100-10 is a jobsite table saw. This product is often compared to the DEWALT DWE749IRS table saw. It is powered by a 15 amps motor like most other table saw brands. Helping the saw in delivering a maximum four horse power output and a speed of 3,600 RPM when unloaded. This speed is quite impressive for a table saw. It has a very strong steel stand and a wheel which make it movable. It has a 2.5 inches dust collector port to make dust collection easy protecting you from the hazards of air pollution. It is not the lightest of table saw but it weight can still be pushed or carried around. The saw large surface area can accommodate large works and it aluminum coated area makes working smooth.

The onboard storage encourages an organize arrangement of tools. this makes the tool easily accessible. The rip fence ensures that the cuttings are done accurately and decently. With this, the saw can be operated with one hand doing so conveniently. The saw blade can be changed and it can accommodate a Dado blade.

This product comes with a 2 years warranty which is a sigh of the confidence the company has on it.


Here is another mazing product from Makita. The saw like other table saw is powered by a 15 amps motor which helps drive the blade speed. The motor drives the blade to a speed of about 4,800 which is higher than most tables saw. It is both convenient to use and powerful and is preferred by a wide range of professional. The blade can cut through all types of wood either hard or delicate ones neatly. This tool is very easy to use and can be handled by beginners.

It has a weight of 84 pounds which is neither too light nor too heavy. The base is not wheeled which can make moving it from place to place challenging. It is advisable not to carry this alone often as it can affect your health. The saw blade guard is properly designed and it allows you view the blade when it touches wood. The switch button is quite small and some have complained it makes it harder to react during emergency. It electric break system helps to stop the blade quickly. as compared to having to wait minutes before the blade stops. This is particularly useful in cases of emergency when the blade is required to stop quickly.

This product comes with a two years warranty which shows the confidence the manufacturer has on it.

Buyer's Guide

It is challenging trying to get the best table saw tool today. The market is saturated with myriads of option all promising quality. In reality not all of these brands have deliver their promise successfully as most see it as a mere marketing strategy. In this buyers guide, you will have the knowledge of the right product to choose from and why you should. It is designed to guide you into making the right choice. giving you nothing but the best. Here is a list of factor to consider while choosing.

The saw blade

The blade differs in their diameter. teeth number and arbor size. Most table saw have a 10 inches and 12 inches diameter blade. The number of teeth on the saw can vary too; the number is between twenty four and eighty. Coating material for the also differ. Some are uncoated while others are coated with materials such carbide. carbon and even rarely diamond.

Blades are titled in different direction. Some are tilted to the right. while other are to the left. Most blades are right angle inclined.

The fence and milter gauge

The fence is an essential part of the table saw. it gives it an edge over others. Fence increase the cutting accuracy significantly which makes rip cutting possible. The most common type of saw on the table saw is the square fence.

The milter gauge makes cutting at an angel possible. It serves as a guide and due to it locking mechanism you can choose the angle you want to cut from.

The table saw motor

The motor provide the torque for the blade to run. Due to it portable size. table saw has a smaller motor. The motor might be small in size but they are quite effective. They can deliver up to 2 horse powers and the premium table saw can deliver about 5 horse power. There is a belt drive that helps transfer the motor power to the blade. The blade speed is dependent on the motor power; the blade speed can be up to 5,000 RPM when unloaded.

Safety feature

A good table tool should have a good safety feature. Because accident is uncommon with the sharp blade. choosing a product with good safety feature is of uttermost importance. Safety feature in a table tool include the splitters. riving knives and the anti-kickback pawls. All these features helps to prevent injuries while working. With the anti-kickback feature there is minimum chance of accident due to kick back.

The saw accessories

The base wheel, adjustable base and dust collection system are accessories that are important. They add to the functionality of the table saw making it more effective in cutting. The dust collection system for example helps to collect dust. They prevent the hazards of air pollution such as cancer. It also prevents low visibility that is common to dust filled air. Low visibility can lead to accident when contact is made with the saw blade.

An on board storage is an accessory that better improve the table saw. It allows for an organize storage of tools. this causes the decrease in the rate of losing a tool.

The product price

The price of a table price differs by brands. Some are more expensive than other. Imported goods are usually more expensive than the locally manufactured ones. The premium products are more expensive than the regular ones. this is due to it additional feature. The premium products are worth the price. as they give you a better value for your money. Most professional worker uses the premium product while beginners can settle for the standard ones.

Other factors that affect price are competition. government policy and the amount used in production.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge they say is power. With the right information such as this review. you will be able to identify the right product. You should be able to pin point the right table saw amongst the myriad of choice available. It is advisable to go for the trusted brands while choosing, as they have been tested and trusted.

You can save yourself for unnecessary spending due to trial and error and be more certain of your choice. Some safety tips have been mentioned in this review. do well do adhere to the. In case you run into any technical problem while using the table saw. Do well to contact the brand customer care line who will direct you to a service center close to you.

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