best small gas powered chainsaw

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Having the right chainsaw could be the difference between a smooth tree-felling experience and a backbreaking one. Whilst there are tons of chainsaws in the market. You would find that some are either too heavy. difficult to start or are difficult to maintain.

Seeing as not everyone is a professional when it comes to tree felling. There are a few products in the market. That boast of being a little lighter than the conventional chainsaw. and still delivers excellently. With the right manual, these best small gas chainsaws are easy to use and maintain. plus they don’t cost a fortune to get.

5 Best Small Gas Chainsaw in 2022

1. HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded

HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded

With a unique design that allows you to safely handle it. This best gas-powered chain saw is ideal for trimming and cutting down tree branches that might be intruding into your property. If you’re bothered about that ominous branch hanging loosely above your window. you can easily cut down your fear with this HUYOSEN gas-powered chainsaw. The good news is that you’re not restricted by an electric power cord.

What’s more, is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to start and use. A little glimpse at the instruction manual will give you all the info you need to get started.

With a fuel tank of 550ml. you’re guaranteed hours of uninterrupted use at a top speed of about 10,000rpm. Which will ensure smooth cutting much like the chainsaws used by professionals.  Some testimonies from old users show that it’s great for felling small trees. And you can even place your bet on it bringing down large tree trunks.

At a price of $128, it’s a great choice that would serve greatly due to its durability and ease of maintenance. You might want to drain the tank and clean up the chain once you’re done cutting to ensure its edges don’t get dull early.

In the case of replacement parts. You can find replacements in your local store or reach out to customer support for help.

2. COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Packed with 2 chains, a tool kit, and a storage bag. this gas-powered chainsaw boasts a 62cc engine and a 550ml fuel tank. With it, you can be sure of having up to 2+ hours runtime of smooth cutting. It is lighter than some other gas-powered models and as such can be easily handled without risk of work hazard.

Designed for ease, a regular homeowner can read through the manual and operate this best lightweight gas chainsaw without breaking a sweat. Although slightly pricey, it still packs the right amount of quality for its price.

Testimonies on its durability show that it’s designed to prevent wearing off easily. But, that doesn’t take the place of proper maintenance after each use. It is capable of cutting down intrusive branches and small to medium-sized trees with little vibration thanks to its vibration-absorbing handle.

The COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw is the ideal model for residential trimming. You should encounter no problem in making use of this chainsaw to cut down small-sized trees. But if you’re keen on bigger challenges. it is better to get a chainsaw specifically designed for heavier trees. Overall, you’ll be getting the right quality for your money without breaking the bank. and what’s more, is the fact that customer support is always ready to assist with replacements.

3. HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded 40.1CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered

HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded 40.1CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered

The HUYOSEN brand has a reputation for producing the best chainsaws in the market. What’s more, is the fact that besides producing qualitative chainsaws. their price is always pocket-friendly. At a lower rate of $129. you can get this HUYOSEN Gas Powered Chainsaw of 40.1cc engine for cutting down small trees within your vicinity.

Despite being lightweight, this chainsaw packs enough power to bring down trees bigger than its specification. This means that you’re not limited to feeling small-sized trees with this chainsaw – you can go even higher without risking it wearing out.

It is pretty light enough for simple trimming. and also sturdy enough for full-scale felling of trees. If you’re on the lookout for something that is easy to handle and also easy to assemble. then this is your best bet. The instruction manual comes with enough guidelines on setting it up, and its size makes it easy to handle. Being a gas-powered chainsaw. the only cord that you would be pulling, would be the pull cord to start the engine. There is no power cord restriction, hence you’re free to roam. However, be mindful of the force applied to the pull cord in order to avoid it snapping.

In general, this is an ideal chainsaw at a friendly price. It is durable and only requires the basic form of maintenance i.e. clean up after use.

4. HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded 54.6CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

From the manufacturing line of HUYOSEN, this is another high-powered chainsaw in the series that allows for easy handling and maximum usage. With a 550ml fuel tank. you can rest assured that the chainsaw will keep running for over an hour. This should give you ample time to cut down small-sized trees and even get started on bigger trees. True to the brand’s reputation for quality, this chainsaw is sturdy enough to handle bigger trees and is durable enough to resist wearing till it has served for a long period of time. Maintenance is however important in ensuring its long-term durability.

Although a little pricey, you would not regret purchasing one of these. Virtually all the parts are designed to last, and as such, you would not need any replacement in the long term. Nevertheless, customer support is readily available to help with replacement if need be.

Perhaps you hope to change the chain to something longer. the base chain size for this chainsaw is 20 inches. but is extendable to 22 inches. Just be sure to make inquiries from customer support before making any changes.

Its instruction manual comes with enough guidelines on how to set it up for use, and a few instructions on maintenance – cleaning up the chain, air filters, and spark plug after use. and of course storing well.

5. ORCISH 62CC 2 Cycle 20inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

At $90 this chainsaw is one of the cheapest in the market. yet offers much more than its price. With a 62cc lightweight engine. this chainsaw can go as far as 8,500 rpm which will ensure a steady cutting of small-sized trees.

If you’re on the lookout for a chainsaw that is cheap, durable, and easy to handle. then this ORCISH gas-powered chainsaw is the ideal choice for you. Its instruction manual provides all the necessary guidelines on setting it up and handling it. It is pretty safe to use and requires just the basics of maintenance i.e. draining of residual fuel and cleaning up of chain. air filters and other parts after use to prevent dust and wearing off the edges early.

Pertaining to complaints such as failure in starting the engine. getting a little help from customer support as a last resort would suffice. where the instructions in the manual are not clear enough. Overall, if you experience any difficulty in starting it up. check the way the parts are assembled and be sure they correspond to the guidelines in the manual. or contact customer support.

This particularly small-sized chainsaw is unlike the others. is strictly for small-sized trees. Going beyond its specification would make it prone to early breakdown. But the good news is that it lasts longer when used according to specification. Its fuel efficiency is also another great deal that would save your pocket a few bucks.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Small Gas-Powered Chainsaw

In this age, working smart has taken over the notion of working hard. You’re given the opportunity of getting more things done with little energy. and that’s the same story with chainsaws.

When handled properly. they’re very efficient in saving time. energy and money compared to the use of axes to fell trees.

Whether you’re a professional or just a family man who would like to cut down intrusive trees and branches. having the right chainsaw would be the difference between the smooth felling of trees and a backbreaking experience.

But just like every other product in the market. it is important to know what to look out for before making a purchase. Chainsaws come in different shapes. sizes and capacity ranging from electric to gas-powered models required for different kinds of tree felling. For instance. not all big chainsaws are designed for big trees; some small-sized chainsaws are pretty efficient in bringing down thick trees. Some are heavier and stronger. and as such should not be used for cutting of intrusive branches to avoid work hazards.

In this wise, here are a few things to note about chainsaws before placing your money down.

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A professional would be faced with felling several trees all year round, and as such requires a strong and durable chainsaw. The ideal bet would be a gas-powered chainsaw that can run for hours on a single tank fill. But if you’re just a regular homeowner who’s keen on keeping off the intrusive tree branches and maybe cutting down trees once in a while. a battery-powered chainsaw would be your best bet. It saves you money, especially in fuel. and you can always recharge after about 40 minutes of runtime.

Also on maintenance. you as a homeowner might want to look for something that wouldn’t mind being in the storage for a long period of time till its next use. Occasional cleaning of the chainsaw would help keep it in top shape.


If you’re holed up in a wooded environment with lots of thick trees, you might want to consider having a gas-powered chainsaw. They’re most efficient for cutting down trees that require a longer time cutting, so you don’t have to worry about losing power whilst cutting – the fuel gauge should give you just about enough warning if it doesn’t suffice to get the job done.

But, for a plain environment with a few trees. paying for an electric chainsaw would be ideal seeing as you would not be spending so much time on cutting. hence no need for buying fuel.

Another thing to note about electric chainsaws is the fact that you would need a power outlet to connect to. and that might limit how far you can go with the chainsaw. A battery-powered one would come in handy in this case.


Once more, the difference is focused on the user – a regular homeowner or a professional. While the professional might be adept at handling heavier chainsaws for thicker trees, you as a homeowner (man or woman) might not find such heavy-duty chainsaws comfortable. As such you can opt for a lighter chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are mostly lighter than battery-powered and gas-powered chainsaws.

Ease of use and installation

Is also another thing to consider when buying a chainsaw. Some are packaged and ready for use upon purchase, while some need a little bit of assembling. If you like a little challenge, you can opt for one that’s not fully assembled. Nonetheless, the instruction manual can help with whatever installation is left.

Looking at the different factors, here are basic differences on the three types of a chainsaw;

Gas Powered Chainsaw

These are efficient in making clean cuts and handling heavier trees. Their efficiency is a little marred by noise production, carbon monoxide emission. fueling and regular servicing of the engine. These begin at $100 upward.

Corded – Electric Chainsaws

Often confused with corded gas-powered chainsaws. these are much cheaper and lighter compared to gas-powered chainsaws. They require a power outlet and have a much slower speed. Hence, they’re only ideal for minor cutting such as trimming. These can be found for $80 upward.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

You don’t need a power cord to handle these ones. hence you’re free to roam. They’re weightier than the corded – electric chainsaws. but lighter than the gas-powered models. These ones have a max runtime of 40 minutes and can handle cutting down small trees and intrusive branches. They can make quite smooth cuts just like the gas-powered models.

Although they begin at $100 upwards. battery replacement is costly.

Overall, these chainsaws are designed for different cutting activities and your need might be much different from that of a neighbor. Safety instructions are available in the instruction manuals. and must be abided by to avoid hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Is this chainsaw easy to start?

Yes, it is pretty easy. The instruction manual can help get you started.

How well do gas chainsaws cut?

Don’t bother about being skeptical, it cuts pretty neatly. I’d say a lot better than electric chainsaws.

What do they mean by corded, is it an electric saw?

That has to do with the pull cord used to start the engine. It’s a fully functional gas-powered engine, not electric.

How noisy is the chainsaw?

I think you might want to define noisy. It’s a little less noisy compared to regular chainsaws.

Can this corded gas-powered chainsaw hand big trees?

I have used the corded chainsaw in the past on trees as big as an 18’ without breaking a sweat. It’s pretty sturdy.

Is this an electric saw or a gas-powered chainsaw?

Ignore the term ‘corded’, it’s totally a gas-powered engine with a ‘pull cord’ used for starting the engine.

What’s the max fuel tank capacity?

For a small-sized gas-powered chainsaw, I think 550ml is the max fuel tank capacity.

How do I start the chainsaw?

Read through the manual. First pull the choke out, press and hold the throttle to lock it in place, then pull the starter till it sputters then push the choke back in. You should have it started and running with say 3 to 4 pulls max.

What’s the fuel ratio?

That would be a 1:40 for a 2 cycle oil/gas ratio

What is the chainsaw made of?

Basically, the handle and a few parts are made of plastic, but the actual saw and engine compartment are made of metal.

How good is this saw? It says made in China

Don’t get carried away with spam that say Chinese products are always bad. Irrespective of where it was manufactured, this chainsaw is pretty sturdy.

What’s the max engine speed when cutting and when idle?

You’re looking at a 10,000 rpm max engine speed with cutting attachments, and something around 3000 rpm max when the engine is idle.

Does the chainsaw come with a gauge to prevent spraying dust?

Some are designed with an extra shield that prevents dust from flying into your face, but I’d still recommend using a face mask and googles just to be safer.

Where can I get new chains?

Dial-up customer support or go back to the retail store and have them hook you up with a new one.

Can I make use of the chains of another brand as a replacement for my spoilt chain?

Replacement is pretty tricky, you might have to return it to the manufacturer. But other than that, if you want to use the chain of another brand, you may wasn’t to look for something that fits exactly or just get an actual replacement no matter how long it takes.

How strong is the chainsaw?

So I in order to cut the cost of paying a gardener, I got this saw for myself and I’ve been using it ever since. Pretty strong stuff that cuts down bigger trees. It is not just strong, it is cost-efficient, saves you money!

Can I put a longer bar on this chainsaw?

I think you can. I’ve seen this saw sold with a longer bar, and it worked pretty well.

What’s the basic size chain that this saw can handle?

You’re looking at a 20.

Where’s the choke located, I can’t find it?

Go through the diagram in the manual, you should find it easily. It’s a little bit away from the off/on switch and slightly above the handle.

How do I install the chainsaw?

Read the manual for instructions or get a pro to handle it. Although some are packaged and ready for use. I’m pretty sure customer support would be able to help too.

Where can I get a replacement saw?

Either contact customer support or call the manufacturer directly or get help from a retail store.

Where can I get a replacement cord, mine snapped after the third pull?

So sorry to hear that your cord snapped, guess you put in too much force. Email customer support and they should help you out.

So I’m skeptical about the price, how good is this chainsaw?

Look at the specs first and then check out reviews from other customers, you should have your answer.


Looking through the list above, you must have decided which chainsaw would be your best bet. While all the chainsaws listed are easy to handle and cost-efficient. different persons have different tastes. so be sure to pick what’s best for you.

Note that reading up the customer reviews and buyer’s guide would help you in making an informed decision. but don’t get too skeptical because of a negative review – not everyone has the same experience.

Overall, you either go for what your pocket can afford. or you save up for another. These are the best gas chainsaw for home use in the market.

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