best band saws for woodworking

Best Band Saws for Woodworking

Band saws are a very useful and all-purpose instrument that you can have in your workshop. You can quickly and easily make use of them to cut through wood of any kind and other material. You can use them to make complex details. Also, carve out any shape of your choice on the wood or any other material you are dealing with.

You just need to get the right one to make your work smooth and perfect. If you don’t make the right choice of saw out of the many options available. You won’t enjoy the machine. So, you don’t have to worry about how you choose the right one. Here are some of the best saw for woodworking.

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5 Best Band Saws for Woodworking 2022

1. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work light

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Work light

This WEN 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw is considered the machine for any workshop. This machine has a 3.5-amp motor and a 9-3/4 inch throat with which it tackles your boards. It makes a deep cut of six inches and 9-3/4 inches wide. It operates on a two-speed operation. And they are 1520 or 2620 FPM. With this, you will meet the need of every cutting operation needed to be done. With the 72 inches blade, you can make a deep and powerful cut from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size with this machine. And it is spacious enough with its worktable of 14 x 12-1/2 inches in size, and it can be turned at, an angle of 45 degrees. Another thing that will make you like this machine is the flexible bright light to illuminate your work while working.

This makes the machine-usable even if your room lighting is dull. This machine is awesomely loaded. there is a dust port that is 3 in 1 to fit in different types of dust extractor hose. You can make an angled cut as well as a straight cut as a result of its miter gauge and its fence respectively. You have no fear using this saw because with its ball-bearing be rest assured to get a smooth operation. And its service is dependable as it is long-lasting, you can use it for years.

The WEN 3962 does not take much space of your workshop bench, you can easily assemble it on the bench and its stand raises it and helps you manage the space of your bench.

2. Rikon 10-305 Band saw With Fence, 10-Inch

This is a 10 inched Band saw. If you are a hobbyist or you deal greatly with woodwork. Then you will find this band saw very interesting. In fact, you will make it your favorite. Is it its cutting capacity or its space management to talk about? It does not require much working space. With its 1/3 HP motor. it is powerful enough to cut through most of the material without it breaking down. When it comes to curvy cuts and works which are light duties. It will do a fine and better job.

It is not full-sized, it is portable, and if you are not set to make use of it. You can easily keep it. You can as well move it from one place to another because it is lightweight. This is due to the steel plate which is used to make its base. It helps to keep down the weight of this machine.

Rikon band saw is a solid machine of a simple and clean design. And its parts are made of high-quality material. Its plastic parts are easy to deal with as you won’t have any problem with them. Also, you won’t have to worry about noise. because this machine is very quiet. It is even quieter than other models which are of similar size. Another beautiful thing about this machine is that its vibration is very minimal. But you have to make sure you set it properly.

3. JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch 1 Horsepower

JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch 1 Horsepower Woodworking Band saw

The jet 708115K JWBS-14CS is a user-friendly and as well safe machine to use. It is powerful but also designed to be user-friendly. The 4-inch dust port in this machine allows you to connect directly to different types of dust collection systems. With this, your workshop is made clear and clean. The dust collector will help get hold of the debris and dust thereby keeping your shop as neat as possible. Also, it would help protect the eyes, from dust so that you see clearly what you are cutting. Be assured of your safety when using this machine, as there is a single knob tracking adjuster which you can use to simplify the process of blade tracking.

This band saw can take on any range of work you have for it. It has plenty and enough space and all the essential capacity. The 15 x 15-inch offset table made of cast-iron, at the front of the blade, is responsible for this. On this machine, you can cut large pieces of wood up to 6 inches in depth. It can also accommodate cuttings up to 6 x 13-1/2-inch. The table of this machine can be turned to the left at an angle of ten degrees. And it can be turned to the right to an angle of 45 degrees.

You will actually love this machine because even under heavy use, it can last for years. This band saw allows you to adjust and reduce the cutting friction. With its micro-adjustable lower blade guide, you can easily reduce the friction so that the blade can last long.

4. Powermatic Model PWBS

You are into the woodwork and you have heavy-duty projects to get done. And you need a band saw with control and precision. then this machine is for you. The Powermatic 14-inch band saw will give you awesome. and creative features to get your job done perfectly. Its table is made of cast iron and it is of two pieces. This is there to give you an additional working area. up to 300 square inches.

The size of this machine is extra-large. and its nine-spoke wheels are all made of cast iron. The foundation of this machine is very solid and rigid. and it is vibration-free during operation. This is due to the cast iron which has a great weight. The heavy-duty gauge steel. which is at the base cabinet prevents the motor from vibrating. It also helps to make clean the base cabinet interior. This is done by keeping the dust collector on the outside of the base interior of the cabinet.

There is a four-inch collection port. which you can connect various dust collectors to help you maintain a dust-free workshop. Again, the cutting area will surely be made clean. and will be visible with the help of the chip blower.

Actually, if you have a small working area or plan to set up a small workshop. you can go for this machine. It is a powerful machine, user-friendly, and will give you amazing performance.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0555

This is a large band saw. and it is recommended for professional users. If you are an expert at woodwork operations. and you need a very powerful machine that will suit you. The Grizzly industrial G0555 is the right option. It is a 14 inches machine. and it can cut through thicker and stronger woods. It is also perfect for making intricate cuts. And making use of the right blades. it can make cross-cuts. veneers, and as well curves. The Grizzly industrial G0555 is cheaper than band saws. which are in the same category. It is a piece of ideal working equipment. and it provides you best quality work.

Going through the build quality of this machine. you will see that it is special. This machine cannot crumble easily. This is because it is sturdy and its frame is made of cast iron. which made it strong. Both its cast iron table and the frame did contribute to the weight of this saw and its heftiness. And the interesting thing is that has heavy as it is it has a stable surface it can sit on. This stable surface is openly designed and made from heavy-duty gauge steel. And it is durable.

The Grizzly industrial G0555 is very effective and works best on wood. It can as well handle metal and any other materials if equipped with the right blade. If you are using this machine for the very first time, do not fear. You might find it quite difficult to tense. but it’s very easy and simple to use.

Things To Consider Before Buying Woodworking Band Saw

Blade of the Band saw

The blade of the band saw is one of the main things you should consider. when buying a band saw. The blade of the band saw will determine its performance. If the blade is good cutting will be very easy. and it will be efficient. Also, it will aid your production as you will get your job done very fast without issue. If you have many projects on the ground to be done if the blade of the band saw is bad. you will even find it difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. This is because you will easily get tired of it. A bad blade can even make you neglect the machine.

But if the blade of the band saw is good. saw maintenance will be minimal. And there is efficiency in your work leading to increase in productivity.


The use of the band saw is very important when buying one. First, you have to decide what kind of work. you want to use the saw before you buy it. If you want band saws that are good at making curves. precision cuts and making intricate. Also, it must be good to cut strips of wood and as well large woods. Then you have to look for one with these speculations and go for it. Instead of just getting anyone that comes your way. The specifications of the band saws are many. and are available for you to read through.

Even if you need a saw for light or small works or there are specific times you will use it. Or is it for heavy materials or projects? There is one just for you. You just need to figure out what you need to use it for. And I can say it is the very first thing to do.


You should also consider this alongside others. You will want to get a machine which can last you a long period of time. And you should know that when band saws are under high tension. they made use of a single blade to cut. That is, as you use it, the machine is under stress. So make sure the band saw you are buying is made of good material. If it is of good material. it will be efficient and sturdy. But, if the machine is not of good material. it will raise your production cost. Also, more strain will be on the blade. thereby the blade will not last long

Material of the band saw

This is also very important when choosing a band saw. The material of the band saw goes a long way in the performance of the band saw. So it is advisable to pick one that will serve you to your satisfaction. Many bands saw, and the major ones. are made of cast iron. And this helps the machine to effectively handle any form of stress placed on them. There are others made of rolled steel or aluminum. even some are partly plastic. These type band saw are of low quality. and may not perform very much well as those made of cast iron.

Note that the better the quality the material of the band saw. the longer it lasts. It also determines its performance. Another thing is that if the cast-iron frame is heavy. it will be much helpful. Your cuts will be very accurate. because it will help prevent vibration. And doing this will help prolong the lifespan of your machine.

Ease of use of the band saw

Before you purchase a band saw. you should find out if the machine is user-friendly. And that you can make use of it with ease and without complications. You should know if the setting of the blade appropriately to the required height is easy. Most importantly. changing the blade of the band saw should not be difficult. This is because if you have different materials to work on, you will have to change the blade.

If you don’t change the blade. it will wear out and won’t last as it’s supposed to. Therefore, look out for the model which you can quickly and easily change its blade. So that you can make correctly the cut you want. You should also know how easily you can put the safety feature in their correct place.

These band saw models are easier to operate than others. so look carefully before you buy one. If a band saw is difficult to operate, even if the job it does is okay. it will be discouraging to use. And afterward. it will get abandoned. But if a band saw makes you feel good when operating it, you will get used to it. Even its value will increase as you will want other people to get something of that kind.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do I know the right saw?

Choosing the right saw, first you have to profile out what you want and want you to want it for. There are different models of band saw available for you to choose from. But once you have decided what kind of work you want to do, it will be easy to pick the right one.

Why does the inner tube tire of my band saw keep coming off?

This tends to happen if the inner tube of the band saw is too loose, or you get a smaller one. It also happens if the band saw is running too fast. It is advisable to run your band saw at not more than 2500FPM.

What kind of wood can I use for the frame of the band saw?

Actually, any kind of softwood will be okay for the frame. Also, you can make use of the hardwood, the demerit is just that the saw will be heavy.

My band saw vibrate, why?

Most of the time, band saw vibration is caused when the wheels are not centered or very well round. And this could happen if you did not follow carefully the lathe-like wheel trimming steps. Another thing is if the inner tube of the band saw is not evenly stretched, or its thickness is not balanced.

Why does My bandsaw make a loud high pitched noise when it cuts?

This noise can either be the wood or the blade.

What is the use of a band saw?

We use a band saw to cut wood and other material into different types of shapes that you want. Using a band saw, you can make irregular cuts, uniform straight cuts, and curved shapes.

What caused the band saw blade to slip?

This can be caused by incorrect tensioning of the blade of the band saw. It can also be as a result that the wheel bearings has worn out. If this happens, you can correct it by adjusting the blade tracking using the blade tracking adjusting knob. And to place the tension correctly adjust the blade tension knob.
But if you noticed it is the wheel bearings, you have to replace them.

What caused the band saw blade not to move?

If the blade of the band saw does not move, this can be that the blade is broken. Another instance is if it is loose or if the band saw motor drive belt is damaged or worn out.
You can easily correct this, either by replacing the blade, adjusting the tension of the blade. Or you replace the damaged motor drive belt.

My band saw is not cutting very well and it take a long time to cut, why?

If you noticed that your band saw does not cut very well, it might be that its blade Is dull. Or that the saw is cutting slowly. This can also be that the blade is not properly installed on the band saw. If it is mounted wrongly, it will not cut properly. As long as you detect this, if the blade is dull, replace it. And reinstall it properly, make the teeth of the blade face down. Also, check the tension of the blade and adjust it if it slips.

My band saw won’t start why?

First, ensure that there is power at the electrical outlet of your band saw, this is one of the causes. Another one band saw’s switch, if it is not properly inserted, the band saw would not start. But if all these are in place, you can check the drive motor, or the power cord if it has any fault.

What can I do to make my band saw start?

If you check after it does not start and detect it is the electrical outlet that caused it. You can correct this by resetting the circuit breaker to restore power in that electrical outlet. But if it is the saw’s switch, you reset the on/off switch and place the safety key properly.

How can I install a new drive belt?

To install a new drive belt, first, you place the belt drive at the lower wheel pulley. Then you make the wheel slide in on the shaft. While doing this, you let the belt drive encase the motor shaft. Next, on the lower wheel shaft, you restore the C-clip. Lastly, fasten the screws on the drive motor. Make a push on the drive motor to go outward, to give the drive belt some tension.


If you get the right band saw for yourself. you will find out that working with them is actually interesting. The best bandsaw for beginners has been clearly pointed out here. You can find that these band saws can actually be used on other materials as well.

So, whatever you want this band saw for. you can choose to from any of those mentioned above. They are the best option of the various band saws available, you might want to try any for your woodwork. They are all leading powerful tools in the market. you can pick any that meets your need.

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