How to Use Ozone Generator in Home

How to Use Ozone Generator in Home

In every shop or supermarket, you will find purified, bottled water for sale. Have you ever wondered how about the procedure of doing so? Apart from that, you might also need to clean your car or even your room. How do you do it?

The ozone generator is the source of the gas ozone that is useful for cleaning the water. The machine can produce any amount of this gas, and it might be harmful to the user. If you have one in your home, you have to exercise all the safety measures. That is so mostly when you require high ozone concentration to kill molds and germs.

Here in this article are all the basics of using the best ozone generator at home. Read on for more information.

How to use an ozone generator in the home

Ozone generators work by applying an electrical charge to the air as it passes through it. They produce ozone by breaking apart oxygen molecules into smaller and single atoms. The atoms attach with other oxygen molecules in the environment to form the ozone.

Once the ozone forms, you can apply it to the environment for water disinfection and air purification.

There are different sizes of these generators. They range from small handheld ones to large-sized industrial models. The large ones can produce several grams of ozone every hour.

Before using an ozone generator, there are a few things to observe. Among them are:

Ensure that all the living things are out of the room

Ozone gas is harmful and, over-exposure to it can be fatal. Any living thing in the room will suffocate and eventually die off. It does not matter the amount of time the room will be under ozone. Continuous exposure to this gas may finally be harmful in the long run!

Remove your valuable items from the room.

Another alternative is to cover them to avoid exposure to ozone gas. The gas can erode or even cause it to wear out in the long run. Some of these valuable items can be very reactive and can lead to more damages.

Ozone gas is not flammable but can accelerate or even initiate fires and can also cause explosions. That is because it is a strong oxidant. To avoid such dangers, I would advise clear the living room of all the flammable items.

Set the time activator for the generator.

It is advisable to be outside the building when the ozone generator is in use. The machine has a timer that starts it and switches it off when you are through with the job. Set the timer to start it automatically when you are safely out of the room.

The timer will help you avoid exposing yourself to harmful ozone gas. A lot of dangers accrue to the user of this type of generator.  Hence the requirement to be outside when the process is ongoing!

Give sufficient and ample time for the generator to work.

The recommended time is between three to six hours for a single room. However, if you are doing an entire house, you may need to keep off for up to thirty hours! The size of the room will determine the amount of time for staying away from the house.

When the process is complete, open all the windows and the doors to let out the gas. Avoid bringing the sensitive items into the room until it is safe to do so! The good news is that the ozone gas eases out fast!

Types of ozone generator systems

There are two basic types of ozone generators in the market today. Some of the most common types include: The classification comes from how a machine generates the ozone gas.

The gaseous ozone systems

They have a wide range of use than the aqueous ozone systems. The ozone circulates through the air to treat airborne contaminants and others resting on exposed surfaces. This system can eliminate these contaminants and leave the room fresh and clean!

When using this system, always adhere to the provided safety guidelines and regulations. It is also wise to conduct such exercises under the guidelines of a professional consultant.

Aqueous ozone systems

As the name suggests, the system injects the ozone into the water. The water spreads to infected surfaces for disinfection. This excellent is best for cleaning and disinfecting any surface.

Ozonated water is more effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses as compared to UV disinfection or even chlorination. These waters require only little contact time with the infected surfaces. On the other hand, it does not leave behind chemical traces or residues. It is, therefore, safe to use even on surfaces that can quickly erode when exposed to strong and corrosive chemicals.

This procedure does not leave behind harmful byproducts because as the ozone decomposes, it reverts to oxygen.

It is important to note that the ozone treatment stops the re-growth of micro-organisms. That is so if the other procedures have minimized the particulates in the wastewater.

Is it advisable to be in a house where the ozone generator is working?

Generally, it is not advisable to stay in a room where ozonation is taking place. However, there is no much harm when you use the generator in low concentrations. Such levels are always under the specifications of either OSHA or EPA. Where the specifications permit, you can still occupy such rooms even when the generator is in use.

Whenever you are in a high ozone environment, then it is not recommended to be in the same house with the generator! Such a level is dangerous and harmful to human health.

How long can an ozone generator serve?

As long as you maintain the machine, you can use it for up to 20,000 hours of run time. The plate can be the most affected component, and hence you should keep a keen eye on it. You can know when the ozone plate is worn out by observing the blue lights. If it turns out to be weak, then it is high time to replace it. At this time, you can’t also smell as much ozone as it was before.

In this case, you have two options to improve the performance of the generator. These are:

  • Clean the plate to get rid of weakening agents.
  • Replace the ozone plate with a new one.

Why are ozone air purifiers dangerous?

When you inhale the ozone for long, it can harm the lungs. Low quantities of the same, on the other hand, can cause discomfort and pains, and slight headaches. It can also lead to coughing, breathing issues, and throat tenderness. Ozone gas is even dangerous for persons with chronic conditions. It can accelerate respiratory illnesses like asthma and tuberculosis. The gas can also compromise the body’s capability to combat respiratory attacks and infections.

How to get rid of air ozone

The best way is to keep the windows closed. It works well during sunny days and when it is less windy. You can also use an air purifier to eliminate the ozone in your house. Another alternative is the use of a carbon filter. All these methods help to reduce the level of ozone indoors.


Ozone generators purify the air and distill water. Using them without the technical know-how can be a challenge. You should always consult a professional to guide you. Ozone gas is harmful when you inhale for some time. The effects are even worse for persons with respiratory problems. Always keep safe when in contact!

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