Best Saw for Cutting Wood Straight

Best Saw for Cutting Wood Straight

Whether you’re a professional worker or just want to tinker around the house, you’ll benefit from having a hand saw that is both precise and reliable. A hand saw is one of the most common manual cutting tools used for a wide variety of woodworking, carpentry, home improvement, and maintenance operations, indoors and out.

Finding the best saw for cutting wood straight is not easy at all. So, we have written this comprehensive guide to help you choose the right tool. In this post, we have discussed the factors you should consider when buying a hand saw. And at the end of this guide, we have chosen what we think is the best among the rest. Check out the comparison table, so you will know which is the right saw for your need based on blade length, power source, item weight, and material it is made of.

What You Need to Know About Saw for Cutting Wood Straight

A saw is a hardwood, softwood, plywood, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) among the many materials that can be cut with a hand. A good hand saw will come in handy cutting firewood or building a coffee table. While using a hand saw does involve some muscle power, getting the right tool for the job will make things much easier on you.

Hand Saws Types

There are several types of hand saws on the market that you can consider buying, and some of them are as follows:

Coping Saws

Hard and soft wood, plastic, porcelain, and even some metals can all be cut with the help of a coping saw. A coping saw is an excellent choice if you need a hand saw but aren’t sure what you’ll use it for most. Saws with interchangeable blades are likely to be durable and cost-effective.

Tenon Saws

You can use a tenon saw on hard and soft wood when you need to get precise. They leave a clean cut and give you complete control because of the rigid blade. Joinery work calls for tools that can make deep, accurate cuts, and these fit the bill.

Bow Saws

Since bow saws are made to cut quickly, the result is sometimes a coarser texture. When a sleek surface isn’t required, these are typically used for firewood, such as logs and branches.

Crosscut or Rip Cut Saws

Saws with a crosscutting or ripping action use a different method. This is the greatest tool to use when cutting across the grain of wood. The teeth are reverse-angled, allowing for cutting on both the push and pull motions.

Pruning Saws

A pruning saw is an indispensable tool when it comes to keeping the garden looking its best.


Pipe, steel rods, PVC, and bolts are just a few of the materials that can be cut with a hacksaw. Professionals typically employ them because of their suitability for cutting harsh substances.

Construction Quality

Any hand saw’s durability will depend heavily on its build quality, and a well-made tool could also be more comfortable to use.

Check the quality of the blades first. The blade should ideally be crafted from hardened steel.

The blade should only bend slightly as you bend it, returning to its straight position as soon as you release the bend.

Blades that are too long may flex too much towards their tips, making them harder to handle. Stability is increased with thicker blades, but more material is lost per pass. The thinner the blade, the less material it will remove, but the more difficult it will be to control.


The saw’s length is also crucial. The length of a hand saw can range from around 6 inches to 24 inches. Check out how long the blade is.

Long-bladed saws may take longer cuts. Larger pieces of wood can be cut more quickly and easily with these, but the operator will need to move around more.

Smaller cuts in wood or plastic require a saw with a shorter blade. These call for fewer motions overall yet may be less effective.

A shorter saw is preferable for accurate work. You’ll have a better command of the blade’s tip, allowing you to get a more precise result. A longer saw will save time if you’re sawing logs for the fire and don’t need to be precise.

You should think about your body type when selecting the appropriate saw length. It’s likely that someone 6’2″ tall would like a different saw than someone 5’5″ tall. To accommodate the taller person’s longer saw stroke, the selected saw should be a couple of inches longer than the taller person’s height.

Pull or Push Stroke Cutting

Sawing calls for a push and a pull motion, a forward and a backward stroke. Hardwood is typically cut using a push stroke saw because of its density and resilience.

In order to make finer cuts, pull stroke saws use smaller blades. By moving the saw towards yourself, you’ll have more leverage and be able to make cleaner slices. More caution is warranted because the blade is probably finer and more fragile.

Both the push and pull strokes can be used to make cuts on some saws. If the saw’s teeth aren’t set at an angle, either forwards or backward, it should be able to make cuts in both the push and pull directions. Saws that can cut in both directions are employed when speed, rather than precision, is paramount, such as in aggressive cutting.

Number of Teeth

A hand saw’s usefulness depends partly on its number of teeth. It’s crucial to remember that the length of a hand saw can vary greatly, so merely mentioning the number of teeth doesn’t tell us much.

Examining “tooth per inch,” or TPI is more appropriate. The normal range for this figure is 7ā€“14 TPI. The higher the number of teeth per inch, the smoother and more accurate the cut.

Cutting faster with a saw that has fewer teeth means sacrificing precision and aesthetics.

A saw with fewer teeth is preferable for regular wood cutting.

Handle Comfort

The handle and the blade should feel balanced and comfortable in hand. You should be able to acquire a firm grip on the saw’s handle without it feeling top-heavy. Rubberized grips are included on several of the handles.

Though a well-padded grip on the handle helps, proficient sawing is largely due to proper form. Keep a firm hand on the handle and avoid squeezing the blade too hard.

5 Best Saw For Cutting Wood Straight in 2022

1. EZ Kut Straight Blade Kamikaze Saw

For more than three decades, EZ KUT has been producing hand tools that are both high-quality and long-lasting. And one of them is the EZ Kut Straight Blade Kamikaze Max Saw. Since 1988, outdoorsmen, including campers, hunters, gardeners, and arborists, have put their faith in EZ KUT for all their cutting and lopping requirements.

Made of SK-4 Carbon Hardened Steel

SK4 carbon hardened steel is used in saws due to its hardenability, workability, cost, and other features. The carbon increases the hardness and corrosion resistance of the blade. However, a higher amount can decrease its strength.

Saw Teeth Hardened by Impulse

Saw teeth hardened by impulse on the EZ Kut Straight Blade Kamikaze Max Wood Saw let you prune even cutting down even the hardest branches won’t leave your hands aching.  Hard chrome maintains the pruning saw’s quality. High-quality Tree-Specific Hand Saw worth buying.

Rubberized Grip

Hand grips of this high grade can help prevent accidents involving wood saws. Using our Rubber Grip Hand Saw makes tree pruning a risk-free activity.


  • Availability of sheath
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Corrosion resistance


  • It is not recommended for heavy-duty tasks.

Why Choose EZ Kut Straight Blade Kamikaze Max Saw?

EZ Kut Straight Blade Kamikaze Max Saw is made of high-quality materials that will last longer than expected. The pruning saw has a hard chrome finish which makes it durable.

2. Oregon Straight Premium Japanese High-Carbon Saw 12ā€

Oregon’s Straight Handheld Saw contains replaceable 12-inch blades. It’s reliable. The ergonomic hand saws are made of high-carbon steel with chrome treatment to extend blade longevity. Expert arborists created these saws.

Tapered Ground Blades and Tri-Edged Teeth

Each and every cut will be smooth and under control thanks to the friction-reducing properties of taper-ground blades and tri-edged teeth. When cutting branches closer to your body, the 12-inch straight blade profile makes rapid work of the task.

Easy to Release Blade

The scabbard, which is supplied with the blade, has a rapid push button release to access the blade easily. It is designed to accommodate leg strap attachments and belt loop attachments. It has a hole in the nose of the scabbard to prevent debris from building up in that area.

Made From Premium Quality Blade

It was produced from high-quality Japanese carbon steel chrome-plated to protect against rust and lengthen the blade’s useful life. The teeth are impulse-hardened, allowing for sustained sharpness retention. The blades have been taper-ground, and a blade that can be removed has a tang that runs the entire handle length for a secure attachment.


  • Comfortable handle.
  • It cuts fast and easy.
  • It is made from a high-quality blade.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to replace the blade.


  • Without mounting straps attached to the holster

Why choose Oregon Straight Premium Japanese High-Carbon Saw?

It allows several attachments, which makes the job faster and easier. The Oregon Straight High-Carbon saw provides smooth and faster cuts.

3. HAUTMEC 22-Inch Aggressive Hand Saw

HAUTMEC’s 22-Inch Saw is a dependable partner for sawing (550mm). The Aggressive Hand Saw is a smoother, cleaner universal wood saw designed for daily basic sawing work of wood, boards, plastic pipe, PVC, tree branches, and various other materials. It has additional plastic protection on the teeth and a hard paper sleeve around the blade for safe storage and carrying.

Cuts Fast and Chip Removal Design

The 9 TPI triple-ground teeth make fine cuts in push or pull motions go half as fast, thanks to the tool’s design. The Chip Removal Design increases cutting steadiness and efficiency by quickly eliminating chips.

Thicker and Sharper Blade

Cuts are straighter, cleaner, and need less energy thanks to the blade’s 1mm thickness and heat-treated 65Mn steel construction. A fivefold increase in the length of time that teeth remain sharp thanks to induction hardening treatment. As the surface is coated with black, its rust-proofing properties are enhanced.

Anti-Slip TPE-wrapped

One-piece ergonomic handle with two parts. It’s fixed and distributes power along the tooth line. This controls woodwork. Anti-slip TPE-wrapped structure reduces user fatigue for extra-small to extra-large hands. The straight-angled grip makes marking 45 and 90-degree angles easier for builders.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Thicker and sharper blade
  • Wider sawing applications


  • Not recommended for beginners

Why choose HAUTMEC 22-Inch Aggressive Hand Saw?

Hautmec Aggressive Hand Saw has a wider application, making it easier for you to cut and angle the wood. Also, with its anti-slip TPE-wrapped construction, you don’t have to worry about accidental slippage.

4. Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw

The Shark Corp. 10-2312 Carpentry Saw is an all-around hand saw that can be used for trimming projects and general cutting. Our list wouldn’t be complete without discussing this saw because of its versatility. The ripped style of cuts that it offers makes it an ideal saw for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

All Around Rip Style Hand Saw

The Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw is an all-purpose “rip-style” hand saw that may be used indoors and outdoors. The Shark Corporation can cut and carve untreated wood, laminated hardwood, corners, tree roots, and PVC or ABS plastic pipes.

Strong Stainless Steel Blade

The powerful blade of the hand saw is made of stainless steel and has 14 teeth per inch. This allows it to cut through any sort of wood quickly and smoothly. The saw measures 12 inches in length. In addition, it features a natural bend that is useful for flush cutting, trimming baseboards, and molding.

Pistol Style Plastic Handle

The pistol-style plastic handle gives you a firm grasp, which is especially helpful if you’re toiling away on a hot day and your hands start to sweat. The blade can be swapped out if it ever gets dull. But if you maintain it sharp and greased, it will survive for decades. A one-year guarantee is available from Shark Corp.


  • Impressive all-around carpentry hand saw.
  • It cuts untreated and treated wood perfectly.
  • Provides fast and smooth cuts
  • Flexible blade for flush cutting
  • Easy-to-replace blade


  • It is not recommended to cut metal
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting

Why choose Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw?

Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw has a powerful blade and an impressive pistol-style plastic handle and offers a one-year warranty.

5. Stanley Fatmax 15 Inch Hand Saw

For almost 170 years, Stanley has been the go-to brand for domestic and industrial tool needs. Their Fat Max Hand Saw is a fantastic investment for any carpentry or woodworking job.

SharpTooth TM Technology Design

Stanley’s Fat Max 15-inch crosscut saw features a steel blade with nine teeth per inch. Incorporating SharpTooth TM technology into its construction ensures it can slice cleanly through any type of wood or plastic. It makes cleaner, fewer folds, and has no sagging than other cutters.

3 – Cutting Surfaces

The Stanley’s hand saw is a handyman’s dream tool because of its 3 – cutting surfaces. This allows it to cut up to 50 percent quicker than normal saws, and its “Induction hardened” saw teeth remain sharp up to 5x longer than regular ones. It is sharp enough to trip 2-inch tree branches and excels at making rapid lumber cuts.

No Slip Grip

The hand saw’s ergonomically designed rubber grip makes it easy to grasp and control even when cutting hardwood. The thick plastic handle is durable and long-lasting. The 45 and 90-degree angle markings on the rear of the saw make it useful for do-it-yourself home improvement and professional construction.


  • Good value for your money.
  • Induction-hardened teeth stay sharp five times longer compared to ordinary teeth.
  • Provides sharp, smooth cuts.
  • Easy to use.
  • The back of the saw is useful for measuring 45 and 90-degree angles.


  • It is not recommended for cutting hardwood or very thick wood.
  • After continuous use, it requires sharpening.

Why choose Stanley Fatmax 15 Inch Hand Saw

Stanley Fatmax 15″ hand saw can easily cut woods at 45 and 90-degree angles. Plus, it is worth your money.

How do you cut a piece of wood straight?

  • First, prepare your working area. Taking precautions before using a hand saw is crucial if you want to make clean cuts every time.
  • After securing your workpiece to the tabletop, you can measure its dimensions using a ruler, straight edge, or another measuring device. It’s also a good idea to get some sort of writing implement, like a pencil. The two of you should work together to plot out the route of your cut.
  • The next step is to angle your blade properly. Once you are done angling, make three solid strokes along the marked cut line, making sure to angle your blade correctly after each stroke.
  • Maintain a safe, effective sawing technique as you progress over the cut’s primary width. Keep your blade parallel to the straight board you mounted it on before proceeding.

What is the Easiest Way to Cut Wood?

The easiest and fastest way to cut wood is by the use of a saw. However, there are various kinds of saws, so you need to determine which type of saw will help you complete the job effectively.

How Do You Cut a Straight 2×4?

You can a straight 2 x 4 using either a hand saw, miter saw, table saw, jig saw, or circular saw. However, the way of cutting it may differ depending on the type of saw you will use. You must follow these steps if you cut it using a hand saw. Mark the part you will cut. Start cutting and put the weight of your body behind the blade. Then continue cutting, using full strokes at a 45-degree angle, and make sure the board will not break.


Finding the right saw to cut wood straight is a bit tricky. You might think a circular saw is not capable of cutting the wood straight because of its name. It is one of the recommended types of saws that you can use to cut the wood straight. In this best small saw for cutting wood guide, we reviewed five of the best saws in the market and chose one that stands out from the rest.

Our choice is EZ Kut Kamikaze Saw Straight Blade because of its durability, versatility, and price. Although it is not as cheap as the others, it is worth buying. Also, it does not require a power source or battery to operate. If you want to share something about saws, feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How do you cut wood straight with a circular saw?

A circular saw blade of 5.5 inches may easily slice through a 2 by 4. The depth of the blade is usually sufficient for a complete crosscut to be accomplished with a single stroke. In order to achieve a 45-degree bevel cut, you may need to use two separate strokes.

Do circular saws cut straight?

Although it’s called a “circular saw,” a portable saw can only be used to make straight cuts. The distinctive form of its blade is the inspiration for its unusual moniker. The following is the recommended approach for using it properly and safely. Tweak the cut depth to taste.

What tool cut wood in a straight line?

As an alternative to a table saw, the circular saw is widely used in the framing industry because it makes straight cuts in various materials, including dimensional lumber, plywood, stiff foam board, and even concrete.

Can a Mitre saw cut straight?

While miter saws are best used for cutting angles, they can also be used to produce straight cuts in lumber of varying widths.

What can I use as a straight edge?

Straight lines can be measured and marked with the help of a ruler. A straight edge is not a measuring tool, but it is typically more robust than a ruler, making it a better choice for marking precise lines. Rulers can be used as straight edges in most situations.

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