How to use an electric chainsaw

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw

So, you bought your new electric chainsaw after a small statistical survey and are glad that your well-deserved money was spent in the right way. If you purchased your saw in a neighborhood store. You might have offered a brief introduction to using your new electric chainsaw.

Alternatively, you could have purchased your electric chainsaw online. However, in case you have never operated an electric chainsaw before, you will not be acquainted with the safety of the electric chainsaw or with the best possible execution of your new acquisition.

At the moment, you will try to understand the basics of using your electric chainsaw safely and effectively to ensure that with a little practice you are safe and able to do several household chores. Luckily, this piece of content is all about it. Read it to an end and you will understand.

Prepare the working condition

Let us expect that you bought your new electric chainsaw to plan for the winter months and that cutting down will be your main activity when you use the saw. If you have not done this effectively as such, it is appropriate to buy a decent sawhorse to clutch the wood in place while it is being sewed.

So, it is ideal to think about your workplace and the places where you and your equipment are best found afore you even start working. In a perfect world, a distinctive, level room with 5 meters of play in any case, and remember to advise others where you are or what you will be doing.

Read the instructions

Be sure to read the instructions that came with your electric chainsaw. Some producers will even give a video or DVD for electric chainsaws. Take a look at this too. With your new saw on a seat or table in front of you, familiarize yourself with the entirety of the controls, especially the controls that help prevent breakdowns from occurring. All saws from different manufacturers vary. But most have the appropriate safety features, regardless of whether the electric chainsaw is electric or oil-based:

At the base of the saw is a small metal bar that runs under the chain. This is the chain catcher. It is there to get the chain if it breaks or breaks.

The throttle and trigger controls are essential for the operation of the electric chainsaw. Both are located on the rear handle of the electric chainsaw. The throttle valve prevents the throttle lever from being pressed unintentionally.

Importantly, there is a stop control button or stop switch on the back of the saw that is within easy reach of your thumb. So that you can quickly stop the motor if necessary.

More so, along the base of the rear handle, you will see a wide, horizontal guard.

This gatekeeper is supposed to secure your right hand should the chain break or crash. It is also used when starting the electric chainsaw. So, you can put your foot over the guard while pulling the rope to start the engine.

The chain brake is a fundamentally important safety highlight on your electric chainsaw. This is the switch that is located in front of the top handle and is operated either physically by pushing or by inertial forces that are the result of a dangerous kickback that occurs when the upper part of the electric chainsaw bar nose (the kickback zone) reaches something terrifying and limits that Electric chainsaw up and back.

Wear protective gears

Wearing protective gear is vital to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident. In a perfect world, you would wear the right safety equipment from head to toe. But this is not always down to earth or within your spending limit.

Definitely, make sure you wear a dress made from sturdy, intense materials and a durable pair of boots with a hardcore cap. Gloves should be thick. But you should be able to open your fingers to operate the electric chainsaw’s safety controls appropriately and quickly if this is important.

In any case, if you only get one piece of electric chainsaw dress, make sure it has a worked-in head guard. Facial harms from electric chainsaw breakdowns are often the most extreme and a protection cap prevents everything real. Importantly, they are equipped with a faceguard and hearing protection and are generally not as costly as many folks often suspect.

The actual operation

If you know about your electric chainsaw and have the right equipment for your safety, you’re good to go! Check the chain beforehand. With another saw, the chain is sharp, but after a while of use. It will lengthen and loosen.

Importantly, you should familiarize yourself with your saw’s chain tensioner and find out how you can use it. Chain sharpness is also critical. You should find out how to use a chainsaw sharpener or file to preserve the chain in top condition before using the chain saw.

Here are some more safety tips

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing fuel when using an oil machine and be careful not to pack the saw.
  • Read the customer’s manual and follow the entry-level system for your special electric chainsaw model.
  • Make sure that the safety brake is operational by triggering the accelerator lever and pressing the brake at the same time. It should discontinue the chain proximately.

Test the chain oil by positioning the chain saw bar over a light-colored surface (e.g. newspaper). Let the saw run, a weak oil path should be obvious.


Electric chainsaws are valuable instruments. They made cutting much easier and much more helpful. However, they need some safety just like any other power tool. For you, you know what is required after reading this piece of content. So, stay safe and remember to share with your friend.

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