How to use a chainsaw sharpener

How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener

Do you know that to keep your chainsaw in perfect condition, the routine sharpening is essential? This includes the normal use of the chain saw sharpeners. Do you know how to use it? Don’t worry if, you don’t know because, in this piece of content, we are going to show what you have to do in order to use a chainsaw sharpener to benefit.

While it is important to know how to use a chainsaw sharpener, many folks out there don’t know how to do it correctly. However, knowing how to do it correctly will save you a lot of time and effort and make your job a lot more demanding than it needs to be. Also, it makes your operation safer by reducing the possibility of breakdowns.

Luckily, it is possible to sharpen a chainsaw at home with a simple, quickly accessible chainsaw sharpening kit that only costs a few pounds.

This article will familiarize you with the chainsaw sharpeners and give you some helpful tips on how you can best use them.

The types

There are a few chainsaw sharpener ranges, each more specific and valuable than the last. There are hand-held ranges that are fundamental in that they are in no way mechanical. Simply run them along the blades to sharpen them. This style requires some training, as you should be able to position the sharpener appropriately for a decent result. However, it is also practical and can be effectively taken directly to the workplace.

The other common and easier-to-use style is a mounted sharpener. These are mounted on a table and used effectively. They sharpen the blades practically effortlessly. These are significantly more expensive than handheld options. However, they are best suited for common use in companies or in lengthy workplaces that require the use of a chainsaw.

Apart from these two versions mentioned above, different types of chain saw sharpeners are available. These are far less common, but can sometimes be reasonable. Check with your neighborhood hardware store to find out what model and what types are recommended to benefit from your money.

So how can you use the chainsaw sharpener, regardless of the type? Here are the simple and straightforward steps.

First of all, you should know the size of the chainsaw

After determining the size of the blades and ascertaining that the sharpener you have is ideal, the next thing that you have to do is the thing you need to do as a preparation for sharpening a chainsaw blade is to clean your chainsaw blades.

To do this, you can buy an expert-rated cleaning compound, or simply use mineral water if you’re tied to a spending limit. Just make sure that no part of the saw is completely soaked during cleaning. If too much water gets into the motor, it can be completely destroyed and the surrounding parts. During the cleaning process, you should also examine the chain for damaged connections. They could stand out and cause damage while the machine is operating.

Start sharpening

After completing the priming work, you can now use your chain saw sharpener. First, make sure your saw is adjusted and supported by placing it on a flat surface and securing it so that it is decent and secure. This is for mounted ones.

Next, find the main shaper, which is the most limited tooth on the entire edge, and start sharpening from here. If there is no driving shaper, essentially separate the main tooth you are sharpening so you can see where to stop once you are wrapped up.

If you are using a handheld sharpener to file every tooth on the main side of the edge, you should turn it over so that you can effectively reach the opposite side. Always remember to change your file so that it is on an edge similar to the tooth you are sharpening. Despite the fact that this can be a monotonous activity, you will find that once you are done, your saw will be cut fresh from the box and it will not be emptied as quickly.

Safety measures when using a chainsaw sharpener

You also need to be protected when handling these sharpeners. For instance, the sparks from the sharpening process can bother you. So, you should wear a pair of gloves and a long-sleeved shirt, but the garbage will still hold you firmly and bother you. A chainsaw sharpener sharpens the blades with the aim of making them last longer and the jobs you take on take less time.

More so, A sharpener should be near the chainsaw so that the customer can sharpen if necessary. It doesn’t take long for the saw blades to wear off on a chainsaw, especially if you are sawing an option other than wood. The blades should be sharpened in a place where there is practically no effort when using the chainsaw to limit the speed at which you wear out.

Virtually all breakdowns with a cutting device occur because the customer tries to keep a strategic distance from it by keeping the blades sharp and making negligible efforts to advance them.


By now you know what is it in regards to chainsaw sharpener. it is as simple and it doesn’t require you to sit in class in order to execute it. So, why not make your chainsaw as effective as if it new?

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