How to Make a Generator Quiet

How to Make a Generator Quiet

Are you uncomfortable with the noise that your generator is producing? If so, then today we will help you solve your worries. In this piece of work, we are going to reveal some of the strategies of how to make a generator quiet.

To begin, there are several strategies that can be used to lower the noise from a generator. Some are stronger than others, and some are less effective. Some of the tips are brisk and easy while others require a little more effort. All in all, many can be used in the mix to significantly reduce general noise. Without waste of time, let us directly jump into it.

What you can do to reduce the noise from a generator 

Vertically positioning the exhaust pipes

Most generators come with horizontal exhaust pipes. The approach of converting them to a vertical position will position the sound waves very high and not facing you or those near you. Of course, there will definitely be some noise traveling evenly, but it will be a bit lower. If you’re not directing the exhaust pipe vertically, be sure to direct them away from your home or campsite.

Use a sound redirector

While this does not quieter the generator, it does disrupt the sound waves. It distracts some of the noise from your course. Use something to create a boundary or some obstacle around the generator. Though it can be your expectation that the approach is not as effective as you might think, it’s quick and easy. Moreover, it will help cut down as much as 10dB right away. The greatest aspect is that it doesn’t have to cost a dime. Just use things that you have lying around.

Direct the exhaust pipe into a can of water

Another approach to additionally lower the noise emanating from your generator is to use water. You can direct the exhaust pipe into a can full of water. Just attach a hosepipe to the exhaust pipe and feed them into a giant tank of water. However, remember not to use a much longer hosepipe! This simple approach is very effective in reducing that annoying noise from your generator.

Install or upgrade the muffler

While there isn’t much you can fix about the real engine noise, introducing a larger and modern muffler can help lessen the noise of the generator. You can use a motorcycle or car muffler on your generator. If you introduced a decent muffler, be sure that the noise has been reduced. If not, it has changed the pitch and is no longer annoying like it was without a muffler.

Insulate generator feet

The other approach of lessening some of the noise your generator is making is to decrease the vibrations it gives off. Whether you’re using it at the campsite or your home, you ought not to put it on concrete or a wooden board. To be honest, the ideal thing to do is to insulate its feet.

There are many materials to use. The only requirement is to ensure they are good heat absorbers. So, if your generator overheats while running, then considering rubber or foams can be ideal. But when it doesn’t and you just use it for a shorter time, an old cover or piece of clothing will do the job.

On the other hand, you can put an anti-vibrator under the generator. Those designed to fit on the feet of a machine should work too, as many portable generators have comparable stands.

When all things are in place, place the machine on the ground. The aforementioned will ensure that the earth absorbs some vibrations.

Use a barrier

Perhaps the most ideal approach to containing any type of noise is to draw an acoustic boundary between yourself and the source of the sound. This is the only tip we will generously offer when someone requests our recommendation. There are various soundproofing materials that you can use in making the acoustic barrier. Look online for more data about this.

Try to lower the output of your generator

The power output of your generator also has an effect on the noise it is making. So you can lower the noise by decreasing its output. But if you are not that good at motor skills, I am not going to tell you to do it on your own. Call or consult the nearest expert.

If you prefer not to change the output of your gadget, try to reduce those gadgets connected to your generator. They might be the ones straining your generator to an extent of making that annoying noise.

Place your generator in an enclosure

The other approach that can help you reduce those annoying noises from your generator, is to put it in a soundproof box or enclosure. There is no doubt that this is one possible way to solve your annoyances.

You can buy or built the enclosure on your own. When building on your own, make sure that the materials for this container must be soundproof. You can use compressed wood for this. Remember, to add a vent to your enclosure.

It is too basic to even remember that the ventilation scaffold should be working properly. Following this approach, the noise won’t be completely gone, but it will be significantly less.

Place the generator far away from you

If you live in an area where theft is not an issue, then why not place that generator far away from you?

There is no doubt that the farther the source of the sound goes, the less the noise will get to anyone. If you set your generator far from you, the volume of the sound will depend on how far away it is. So, it can also be a decent approach to avoiding that annoying noise that your generator is making.

Consult the nearest specialist

After trying every approach listed in this document and you are still annoyed by the noise coming from your generator, then it will be ideal to call for the help of the nearest expert. There are some noises that are not that Quantifiable and any of the approaches in this piece of the article won’t have an instant effect.

The expert will troubleshoot the generator, check if there is an issue and recommend an effective solution.

But, if everything is ok some of these approaches are going to work. Just choose the method that is easily available to you. You can even apply them in a mix and effectively solve the issue of annoying noises. It is wiser to have someone with you who can help you with various issues.


There is no uncertainty that generators are helpful. They are live savers when there is no power nearby and one needs to power emergency gadgets. However, living with and trying to lie down with the constant noise can be undesirable. So, apply these approaches and reduce the noise as much as expected. You need to solve those irritating buzz from your generator as much as possible so that you can relax and appreciate the power without the constant bother of the loud noise.

Lots of the tips and recommendations mentioned above help reduce the noise, but a durable, all-around-assembled box with layers and acoustic sealing does wonder.

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