best inverter generator for rv

Best Inverter Generator for Rv

An inverter generator is one that will supply more AC electrical energy. It does this in relation to the rotation of the engine. These inverter generators are designed specifically to make your outdoor activities more interesting. If you are a fisherman, a camper, even a hunter. here are best inverter generators for rv to give you comfort in your activity. This review will open your eyes to some of the generators. They are easy to use and will perform to your satisfaction. You just have to pick the right one that suits your taste. and your outdoor activity is awesome.

5 Best Inverter Generator for Rv in 2022

1. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready

Champion 3400-watt electric start generator

The champion 3400 watt is an outstanding indeed. It is a user-friendly generator. You should know that one of the important factors of an inverter generator is it is very easy to use. This is a super machine. it is convenient and you can easily make use of it. One of the features that add up to it being easy to use is the low-oil auto-shutoff feature. Another one is the durable wheel. There is a handle on this wheel with which you can easily move the generator.

This generator has an electric start option. Although there is also the recoil starter with which you use to start the engine, like most generators. You don’t need to fear using the electric starter of this generator. This is because it is very reliable and it is easy to use. What kind of job do you want this generator for? The champion 3400 is reliable. it is RV ready and is always ready and appropriate for what you want it for. It is capable of powering most 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. in addition is the special RV outlet.

You don’t have to worry about the noise of this generator because it is quiet. It performs powerful works but its operation is very quiet. It runs on 59 decibels. You can make use of it anywhere. even around people. You can take it out for camping. it can also be used for activities like tailgating.

2. Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready DH Series Open Frame

The champion 4000 watt RV is a piece of powerful equipment. This generator is quieter on a percentage of fifty percent. And it is lighter on a percentage of twenty percent when compared to the champion 3500n watt. This equipment is of advanced technology and made of innovative designs to improve it function. Its recoil start is made of cold start technology. And be rest assured that pulling the recoil start, it will start easily.

On a full tank, it can work for seventeen hours non-stop at twenty-five percent loading. Its 224cc engine will generate a 4000 watts at the start and when it is running it gives 3500 watts. The champion 4000 watts will offer you all kinds of styles to power any appliance. It is equipped with different types of outlets. There is a 12V cigarette lighter. two 120 V DC, and an outlet of 120 V RV. In addition, is the running outlet of 3500 watts. There is no overloading in this generator. This is because if you overload it, you can get it back and run effectively using the three reset buttons.

With its parallel connection. you can easily attach a parallel kit to connect another generator, say champion 4000. You can do this when you feel the power of one is not enough. and you need more power. Connecting through the parallel connection will produce two times the power. This equipment does not disturb neighboring people as its noise is tolerable. it runs at 64 decibels.

3. Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame

This generator is very neat in appearance, it is fully equipped and user-friendly. All the necessary outlets are completely put in place. There is the 120 30A outlet which you link to the RV. This is an ideal generator for use at home. you can use it for camping and an RV. It is a very powerful piece of equipment. it is capable to power your 15,000 BTU air conditioner and any other appliances.

The Westinghouse iGen 4200 is an inverter generator. you can use it to power your boat. If your boat has a 120 V 30A outlet. it is a perfect choice. This generator is very useful. You can use it on electric cars to charge them. in case of emergency. To use it to charge an electric car. you start charging at a low rate using an adapter. then you increase it to the maximum rate the generator can go. There is also a USB port. two 5V DC USB ports, where you can connect any equipment using USB.

You won’t find it difficult getting to know the oil level condition. the output and current overload on this equipment. This is because of the 3 LEDs indicators with which you can easily know the conditions of these things. Also, there is a switch for resetting with which you use for the electrical overload control switch. This serves as a protector for the inverter output. You can control the engine speed with the use of the efficiency mode switch.

4. Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable


This champion 3100-watt generator is very quiet and you will love it. It is hard to find a champion generator as quiet as this one. As a matter of fact, you can barely hear its sound. You will be impressed by the performance of this machine. It also has a parallel connection where you connect another generator. like the 2000 watt. using the parallel kit. This generator runs at 58 decibels. If you turn away the exhaust part from you. its sound will even go down more. You will notice that the generator’s exhaust side is much louder. but if you turn it away from you, its sound will reduce significantly.

When on small loads. this generator works perfectly and it is very quiet under this loading. its work is also efficient. But when on heavy loads. like using it to power an air conditioner. it will increase automatically to be able to withstand the kind of load. The gas tank of this generator is 2 gallons. So, on full tank be rest assured that this machine can run for 6 to 8 hours before refilling it. The performance of this generator is awesome its power output is high and pretty steady. You can try pushing the strength of this generator by putting heavy loads on it. You will find out that it is built perfectly to adjust and take on any kind of loading.

This generator is somehow heavy, but not to the extent that you cannot lift it. It is even of lesser weight than other generators of the same size. You can easily move this generator about with its wheel and there is a handle that you use to push or pull the generator.

5. WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt

WEN 56380i 3800-watt inverter generator

The WEN 3800 is clean, portable. and super quiet generator. This inverter generator will supply you with clean energy that is free of voltage drops or voltage spikes. And it does not disturb people in your surroundings.

When you start this generator. it produces 3800 watts and 3400 watts when running. You might want to check on its engine. It is a 212cc four-stroke air-cooled. And it run very quietly at 57 decibels. An interesting feature of this generator that you will like is the fuel shut-off. When you shut down this generator. the fuel shut off will stop the flow of fuel.

So that the fuel that remains in the carburetor is used up before it will now shut down automatically. With this feature in place. there will not be any fuel remaining in the carburetor. And there will not be any sort of blockages or fuel build-up in the carburetor. Thereby, it will help you reduce the maintenance effort. and the generator can last longer as well. This generator is fully feature-loaded. Another thing is that you can safely use your cell phones. laptops and monitors on this generator. This is because it is designed in such a way that it can produce a sine wave. So that it can prevent deformity.

This generator is portable and lightweight. It has a wheel with a handle that can be folded with which you can easily use to move it around.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Portable Generator for Rv

Now, that you have decided to buy a generator. there are some speculations you should look out for. So whatever type of RV generator you are going for. It should be able to meet up with what you intend to use it for. For you not to get confused on which to buy. here are some of the important features of the generators. Make sure that you must look out for them when buying.

The generator’s Noise Levels

If the generator makes too much noise, it will become a problem. It will cause uneasiness using it around your neighbor. Even you as an owner will not feel free and proud to use it amidst the people. And later get abandoned. What a waste of money!

However, if you pick a generator with low noise you will enjoy using it. So, the generator’s noise level is one of the major things you have to check. You have to know the decibel of the generator and you pick a good one with low noise.

Another thing related to a generator’s noise is its muffler. This is what helps to control the noise level of the generators. Check its quality and make sure it’s of sound one. so that it can contain the noise very well.

Although, inverter generators are not that loud. but it might still happen that the generator you get is too noisy. With this in mind, you have you be sure of the generator’s noise level.

Fuel Tank Capacity of the generator

The running time of the majority of the inverter generator. with a load subjection of amour 25 and 50%, is from 6 to 8 hours. You have to take note of the fuel capacity of the generator when buying one. Get to know the size of the fuel tank so as to know the amount of petroleum it will take. If you know all these, you will get to know the period of time the generator can last you. And the amount of power it will produce. The sizes of most of the generator’s fuel tanks are between one and one and a half gallons. So, if you want fuel tanks bigger than this. look for something of your choice.

Place of Use of the Generator

The place of use of the generator you are buying should also be considered. Your location or the place you want to be using the generator will affect your choice of an inverter generator. For instance. if the place where you need the generator demands very high power. You will need a large one to meet up the requirements. If it is for house use only. there are many options that serve this specific purpose. Hence, look for one that will supply enough power to meet the need of your home. It should be powerful enough to power all the home appliances.

If it is to be used on a camping trip. You will need a generator that will meet your need and your camping beautiful.

Some fundamental Features

For the best rv inverter generator, it comes with some features. And it must be there to make the generator complete. They are there to help prolong the lifespan of the inverter generator. These features will help you to take proper care of the generator. They are low gas shut off, Low oil shut off. this will show you the level of oil that is in the generator. If it is low, it will notify you so you. So you don’t have to worry about breaking down or seizing the generator. Another one is the gas meter. This will let you know the size of gas left. so you can decide on what to do. Some of these inverter generators have a LED screen. With this, you can easily watch closely the generator’s vital parts.

Size and mobility of the inverter generator

This is also an important and cogent thing you need to know about the generator you want. The weight of the inverter generator and its ability to be moved from one place to another you be known. It should be one of the main things you have to find out. You have to ensure the generator can be moved easily.

Another thing you should know is that it must be lightweight and compact. The lightweight might not be an issue. What will be a problem there is if it cannot be easily moved from one place to another.

Price of the inverter generator

The price is also an important factor. Before you buy any of the inverter generators. think very well about its cost. Another thing is to know the costs of maintaining the generator. You should also take note of what you will expect as you use this generator. You can know a whole lot about the price tag of the inverter generator. They are maintenance. costs of operation of the inverter generator. and the overall cost which is the cost of owning the generator.

Fuel usage and Efficiency

Before you buy the generator. know that it does not consume too much fuel. And no guzzling of fuel. There is a direct proportion between the load applied and the engine speed. This will help to increase the efficiency of the fuel at 240 V and 50 cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

What are the maintenance measures for my RV generator?

The very first thing to do is to go through the instruction manual of your RV generator. In there, there are some of the maintenance tips that the manufacturers have listed there for you to follow. There sill be some advice that is useful. If you follow them correctly it will prolong the lifespan of your generator.
In addition, make sure you check the oil level regularly and do not always overload the generator.

I’m going camping which quiet generator should my camping generator be?

For your camping activity, any of these generators mentioned above is perfect. They are all satisfying on the noise issue. Actually, I can recommend the Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator. You can also check on the features of the generator you want to get and know the level of decibels the generator operates on.

Want is the maximum amount of power a RV generator can to produce?

This depends on the configuration of the generator and the kind of work you are using it for. All the models of RV generators mentioned here can power some powerful equipment such as the air conditioner. You can use them to power other heavy-duty appliances as well.
But, there is a rating in which each of the generators has been configured, so make sure you go through the instruction manual to know the maximum power rating and the running rating of the generator.

Can I connect a portable generator to my RV, how?

Yes, you can connect a portable generator to an RV. And this is how you connect them. First, pick a suitable point where you want the attachment to take place. Make sure that the place is strong and can give support to the generator and it is accessible. Check the fuel in the generator tank and ensure that it can carry out the operation easily. If not add more fuel in the generator.
Now, at each of the generator’s terminals, you connect the battery. And you can turn the exhaust side of the generators away from you.

What are the danger of Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is dangerous to human health. If you breathe it in, it tends to replace oxygen in the human body. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless.

What is an air-cooled engine and a liquid-cooled engine of a generator?

A liquid-cooled engine makes use of a system called splash lubrication system for engine cooling. This is made use of by generators of a high watt.
The air-cooled engine on the other hand makes use of the flow of air from a fan to cool the engine.

What is the meaning of running watts and starting watts?

Running watt is the continuous power in watt produced by the generator. This is produced when the generator is running.
However, starting watt is that a generator is produced just at the start of the engine of the generator. It occurs for a short time.

What is a Capacitor generator and an inverter?

An inverter helps to control the output from the generator so that it is made safe for use for our appliances. Sometimes, the generator can produce an output that is so high which will result in damaging some of the appliances. But an inverter makes it safer to use.
The Capacitor generator on the other hand is used with items such as power tools. They are electronic materials that are not delicate.

Can I use Generator indoors?

No. You can only use them outside, in fact, you have to place them away from you. So that you will not inhale the dangerous carbon monoxide coming out of the exhaust pipe of the generator.

Do I need to ground my generator?

Yes. You have to fit it to the ground perfectly. If you did not ground it, it will be jiggling, and that is not good enough.


If you have a better generator for yourself. you will find more pleasure in your outdoor activity such as fishing or camping. This review has given more details on some of the best generator inverter for rv. Each of their details has been spelled out. So, reading this review you have actually learned more about the different types of inverter generators. Now, you can be able to decide on an inverter generator. based on their full features, watt level, usage, and power level.

The next thing is to choose confidently. any one of your choice. And based on the kind of work you need it for.

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