best solar generator for camping

Best Solar Generator for Camping

Going on a camping spree is a nice expedition, however, going on camping without a source of power boring. Most people do prefer to carry a portable generator when they go for camping. However, not all generators are people’s favorite.

So, which is the best solar generator for camping? In this article, we are going to mention the best kind of generators for camping. We are also going to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each listed item. This article, therefore, is the ultimate document that you can comfortably rely on for decision-making. Read on for more information.

5 Best Solar Generator for Camping in 2022

1. Jackery Portable Solar Generator Station

Jackery Portable Solar Generator Station​

A generator produced by specialists who provide outside solar solution for campers. This is the generator which I would recommend to any camper or a traveler. This is because when it is charged, it provides stable power for all your appliances.

Charge all your appliances without the fear of running out of plug in spaces. The system has a number of ports provided. Additionally, you can connect it to an extension cable and even power more items, all at the same time.

Portable generator which allows you to carry it along without any problem. It is light in weight and can even be carried by use of one hand. On top of the generator is a handle. The handle is useful for carrying the system. With a firm grip, you should be able to lift it up.

The generator takes a short time to charge. With an exposure of about six to eight hours a day, the system should fill up quickly. If you use it to power appliances which does not consume a lot of power, then it will also take long to discharge. It is safe to use. With correct handling procedures, avoid the dangers of electric shocks.


  • Light in weight. This means that it is highly portable.
  • Takes a very short time to charge. With constant exposure to the sun rays, the battery can be charged to a full capacity in six to eight hours.


  • Powering a lot of appliances at once may drain the battery fast. In the long run, it may cause it to wear out completely.

2. Rockpals Portable Generator 250 Watts

Rockpals Portable Generator 250 Watts

A high-capacity solar generator that is suitable for camping. It has the power to run multiple appliances as well as lighting the site. With this power supply, you can charge laptops, and smartphones, and run fans, and TVs simultaneously. The generator is ready at all the time to be deployed even in times of emergencies.

It is light in weight and can be carried around easily when the time for camping comes. Despite the fact that it is light, it is powerful enough. Its battery is durable and holds power for long. All its appliances such as the inverter are portable.

The generator has three easy ways to charge. You can expose it to sun, plug it to the socket or even use of car battery. With this solar generator, you will never run out of charging options.

It comes with an inverter which is instrumental in converting direct current to alternating current. When the current is in DC mode, it is not suitable for use. It may cause burnout and damage. It has many ports which means that you will not run out of charging options.


  • Easy to charge. There are several ways of charging it. When charged, it keeps power for long before running out.
  • The generator is light in weight and portable. Move around with it with a lot of ease. It can be lifted by one hand.


  • Owing to its battery size, it may not be able to sustain heavy power usage appliances such as the freezers.

3. Kalisaya KP401 Solar Generator

Kalisaya KP401 Solar Generator

A high-capacity solar generator which is ideal for camping. Keeps power for long and can run various appliances at once without stepping down. The battery is made of lithium-ion cells which are known to be effective in keeping power. It has a long life which explains why it is the favorite of many people.

The generator charges so fast. It takes a time of between six to eight hours to be fully charged. The generator can be charged by having its solar exposed to the sun. Alternative, it can be plugged to a wall socket or even to a car battery. Apart from its fast charging, it also charges appliances at an ultra-fast speed. With many plug in ports, you can charge many appliances at once. The generator can run the lighting system as well as the charging system.

With advanced technology, the generator can be remote controlled by use of Android or even iOS apps. Take control of the system at the comfort of your room. You can download the control app to the smartphone and take charge of everything.

When buying the generator, the solar is included in the sales package.


  • Fast charging system for both the solar and the appliances. It has a high capacity battery which takes long to discharge.
  • Remote control the generator from your phone. This gives you time to do other things without checking the system frequently.


  • It is slightly heavy. This means that it might not be easy to carry it around. But all the same, it is portable.

4. Suaoki Portable Generator

Suaoki Portable Generator

This is the best generator for both indoor and outdoor use.  It is conducive to use at all times. Conserve the environment with this generator type which does not make noise. It does not produce gas either hence it does not contaminate the environment around the camping site.

With three ways of recharging, you are assured of not running out of power. You can plug it to a power source, to a car battery and by exposing it’s solar to the sun rays. The battery takes up to eight hours for it to be fully charged. On the flipside, the battery discharges at a slow pace, hence you will not run out of power easily.

Charge a lot of appliances at once. With many ports attached to the solar, you can power smart phones, laptops, fans, TVs, lighting etc. It has a large capacity battery which can adapt to heavy usage of power.

The generator is reliable for all time use. It is handy when it comes to emergency situations. The product comes with a warranty of up to two years.


  • Durable battery which takes long to drain. It takes a short time to charge it. Powering the generator can be done in three easy ways depending on the availability of the method.
  • It is less noisy and does not produce gases. Therefore, it is safe for the user and for the environment


  • It is heavy in weight. Carrying it with one hand might be a challenge.

5. 100 Watt Portable Solar Generator

A powerful generator which has the capacity to run multiple appliances at once. With up to 100 watts of power produced, you can charge the laptop, ipad, cameras, smartphones etc. The power produced has the ability to run many lights too without running out. It is durable and holds power for long.

The generator can be easily recharged by use of solar power, electricity from the socked from the car battery. You cannot run out of options for charging. The battery takes a short time to charge to full capacity. Within eight hours of plugging to a power source, the battery would be full.

It is highly portable and with negligible weight. The generator can be carried by use of a single hand. Maintenance costs are low too given the fact that no gasoline is required to run the system.

It is safe to operate because of a system known as Battery Management System. This system checks on battery health, overuse, charge and discharge. It also works as a surge protector, which helps in preventing appliances from burning out due to excess power.

When you buy the system, you are guaranteed of one year warranty.


  • High capacity battery to power all your appliances and to light the camping site. The battery takes a short time to charge, and long time to discharge
  • Light in weight, hence can be moved around easily


  • May not power heavy duty appliances such as the freezer and the dry cleaner

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Solar Powered Generator for Camping

Battery Capacity

There is a need to have a generator which can store a lot of power. In the camping site, a solar generator is used for lighting, powering television sets, charging, and so on. All these products when in use will consume a lot of power. Most of the batteries currently are lithium-ion with a capacity of 1’500 watts. Such batteries are perfect for an expedition. If you can acquire one with a higher capacity, the better for you. This is because you do not risk running out of power especially when the sun is not available. If you are not intending to carry a lot of appliances with you to the camping site, then a lower-capacity battery is okay.

There are campers who carry heavy power consuming items such as the freezer and dry cleaning machine. In this case, it is even better to take with you a generator with a high-capacity solar generator battery. A 3’000 watt capacity battery is recommended in this case. Other factors which will determine the battery capacity for camping include:

  • The frequency of use of the generator.
  • Availability of the sun.
  • The age of the battery and so on.


When buying a generator, consider how you are going to carry it around. If you have a motorized means of transport which you can use to carry it around, the better it is for you. A solar generator which can be moved comfortably by use of a hand should weigh at least 30lbs. This can be easily moved around by use of one hand. If you have some more energy however, you can buy a slightly heavy one. In this case, a 40lbs generator would be fit for you. If you intend to leave the generator stationery in one place, then you may even buy a heavier one.

A portable generator is good for camping. Stationery types cannot be useful when it comes to camping. This is because camping requires a lot of movement, which requires a moveable generator. There are people who have other means of transportation when it comes to going for a camp. Such persons can attach a cart carrying a generator the car and move along with it. Weight of the generator therefore is not an issue to such individuals. From my point of experience, the maximum weight which is recommended to be carried by a hand is 40lbs.

Number of ports to plug in

The more the number of ports the generator has, the better it is for camping. If you are to carry several appliances such as the phone, TV, fridge, laptop, lights, fan etc, then you need more ports. It would be a bit inconveniencing to have other appliances waiting in line for others to get charged. In fact it would make the camping less fun.

Most of the solar generators today have several ports to cater for a large number of appliances. In the event that you run out of ports, you can always carry an extension cable with you. A standard external extension cable provides four to six additional plug in ports. These additional ports should basically be enough for all your appliances.

Speed of charging

While charging the appliances, the battery gets drained so fast. To counter this, the generator should have the capacity to charge at even faster rate. In some regions, there is little exposure to sun, meaning the charging would be really slow. However, if there is enough sunshine, the battery should charge to about 100% in less than six hours. Generally, solar generators have a history of slow charging. In most cases, the day ends when it is just about 80% full. This is so especially when it is being used during the day. Try as much as possible to avoid using the generator during day time. This is to allow it to harness as much charge as possible.


Such products are prone to frequent breakdowns. It is good to check with the selling company if they provide warranty for the power system. Most of the companies do not offer such after sales services. They major in on sales to the new customers. It may be so bad to be forced to cough out some extra coins to cater for repairs. Not all manufacturers however do not follow such a practice. There are some who provide a one year warranty and others up to two to three years.


Always buy a product that has a proven track record of durability. Before buying a generator, do research and collect data from those people who have an experience on the products. Many companies claim that their products are durable, yet they may not even be able to withstand the test of time. If you are shopping for a product online, check for one that has 5 star ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

What are the benefits of carrying a solar generator for camping?

There are many benefits which comes as a result of taking with you this type of generator.

They include:

It is portable. There are those types which you can lift using a single hand as you move with it. Others which are a bit heavier may need some form of transportation other than lifting.

Light in weight. The generator can be easily moved from one camping site to another with a lot of ease. If you intend to leave it stationery in one place, they you can purchase a heavier one.

There are some types which are less noisy. Given that in a camping site there are a lot of people, noise level should be maintained at minimum. This is to avoid making noise to other campers which might bring some inconvenience. Luckily, most of these solar generators do not make any of noise. They are therefore ideal for use for camps.

Environment friendly. Since the generator is run by the power of the sun, it does not release toxic gases to the environment. Camping site therefore will remain free of toxins, as well as presence of fresh air all the time.

Ease of installation. Setting it up is not a complicated process. It does not take long before the set-up is complete. You may not even require the user manual to set it up because the process is straight forward.
Saves a lot of electricity costs. In the long run, it is easier and cheaper to operate such generators are they are cost friendly.

Works without interference. It does not need any human intervention in order to work, whether it is day or night.

What size of the generator do I carry along with me when I go for camping?

Before you decide on the size to carry, first check on the number of appliances which you will take with you. The more the appliances you will take, the higher the size of the generator you will need to tag along. A solar generator which has a battery capacity of about 3’000 watts can power appliances such as the TV, lights, refrigerator, microwave etc simultaneously. These are some of the products which you might basically need in a camping site. If the solar generator is of low capacity, such as 1’500 watts, then it might be a challenge to power all the appliances simultaneously. It is therefore importance to understand the number of appliances which you need to power before settling on the capacity of the generator. If you do not have a lot of appliances, then you can comfortably carry a low watt generator with you.

How long does a solar generator battery last?

Just like any other battery such as that of a phone, the length of power storage tends to weaken over time. Much of it also depends on how you use the generator. If you charge a lot of appliances at once, the battery will get drained in a very short time. However, when the system is new, it will take long to discharge. With frequent charging and discharging, the battery will eventually get weak. Once it gets to this point, it is better to seek for a replacement since the one you have might not last you a night.
If the battery is being used sparingly after a charge, its life will be longer. In this case, it will take long to drains, and will give you good service over a period of time. A major cause of battery life is the frequency of charging and discharging. If this problem is avoided, then the battery will serve you for long, taking long to drain.

What does the solar generators do?

Well, they are used to light up a place as well as run some appliances. These generators provide power independently from that of the grid. They are very useful especially when you are in a place where there is no electricity. Such a place include camping sites in a forest and so on. These generators do not rely on gas, rather, they are powered by the sun. They are also ideal when you go for travelling. Such generators are light in weight so as to allow ease of movement whenever you are going for an expedition.

What does a solar generator basically contain?

The components of this system include:

The solar system.
A high capacity battery for power storage.
Voltmeter which is used to measure the amount of power.
An inverter which is used for power conversion from DC to AC.
The output unit where you can use to charge appliances or light up a place.


Going to a camping site with an appropriate source of power is a good choice. Such power is derived mostly from solar-powered generators. Before buying one for your expedition, there are several factors to look at. The most important of all is the number of appliances a generator can power. You should therefore determine the number of appliances which you will carry with you before making an investment. You will also have to consider portability and the speed of charge. Where possible, do not use the generator while charging. This is to provide sufficient time for it to charge to full capacity.

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