best inverter generator for home backup

Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

Due to their compactness, stable power, and adaptation, inverter generators are the best compact power source most of the time. They are helpful for their easy and calm presentation.

However, searching for the best inverter generator for house backup can be a pretty tedious task, which is why we did it for you. At the moment, your research is definitely easier because we are going to look at the best units.

5 Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

1. WEN 56380i 3800-watt

WEN 56380i 3800-watt inverter generator

The 56380i highlights a 3800 as the starting watt and 3400 as the running watt. The practical inverter generator tells the truth vitality. In particular, consonant distortion is limited to 1.2% at full capacity. That means you can use it on sensitive electronic devices like a PC and a cell phone.

Also, the generator has an Eco mode that limits fuel consumption as the engine can change speed to ensure the required load is met. That being said, the generator has a long engine life and quieter activity. Interestingly, the generator has a fully overloaded, secured protection board, a programmed shutdown with low oil and fuel consumption that protects the engine. More so, it has a pointer for fuel measurement.

Furthermore, due to its parallel capability, you can connect two comparable generators for a dual power supply. 56380i has 3 AC outlets. At 99.21 pounds, this generator is heavy. That being said, it has a wheel unit and a collapsible handle that allow anyone to release it with less effort. Because of the inherent fuel measure, you can generally examine the gas level. In terms of safety, the device has an automatic feature for low oil shutdown and overload. The most important component is that it is recommended by the EPA and CARB compatible.


  • Very economical
  • Accompanies USDA confirmed arresters
  • Solid


  • Tall

2. Westinghouse iGen4500 3700-watt

Westinghouse iGen4500 3700-watt inverter generator

If you need to use sensitive electronics such as TVs, PCs, and tablets, this generator will meet your requirements. Such devices require a constant power supply. If they do not receive sufficient power, the AC current can damage them. The capacity of this generator is sufficient to easily give power to the machines in your home.

Moreover, the generator is supplied with two USB ports, two 120 V sockets, and a TT-30R-RV socket. So, you can charge your cell phones and tablets with an advantage. You can currently pack your toaster and use it on your trip outdoors without worrying about flooding. Furthermore, this generator is warranted for 3 years for your great serenity. It makes your life easier by giving you an easy guarantee.


  • Huge tank capacity
  • Optimal runtime of 18 hours
  • Ideal for operating heavy machinery


  • Not allow parallel connection

3. WEN 56200i inverter generator 2000-watt

WEN 56200i inverter generator 2000-watt

The 2000-watt unit, WEN 56200i is another choice for the best inverter generator. Although the unit doesn’t produce as much power, in WAY it comes under the cost. The WEN 56200i unit does not result in all the noises like the conventional generator while working. That’s the greatest feature of it. For sure, it is one of the noiseless generators that can be accessed.

In addition, it is a very reliable generator with a list of features that can keep up with much more expensive models. It is perfect for outdoor use or hunting. Also, it is EPA III and CARB consistent, which gives it a clean and conditioned vitality.


  • Parallel ability
  • Power saving mode feature
  • Lightweight


  • Low rated power

4. Briggs and Stratton 30675 6500-watts

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Quiet Power Series Inverter Generator | CO Guard, 6500 starting watts, RV Ready

Those looking for amazing inverter generators should consider this. It transmits 6500 W raw power and is equipped for the operation of practically all home devices. Moreover, quiet operation is probably the most grounded feature of this unit and also offers amazing runtimes.

More so, the abundance of outlets makes it ideal for televisions, outdoor trips, and indoor use. Also, it is safe because it offers an even power. There are no changes that make the operation of a variety of machines safe.

Likewise, don’t let the power fool you. The generator may be slightly heavy at 138 pounds but is very versatile thanks to a pleasant adaptive handle for development. In addition, it has 8-inch wheels that simplify the activity. As well, this generator offers a comprehensive runtime of 14 hours with a full tank. This saves you warmed-up tops again and allows you to rest and do your work without stress.

Besides, it has a fuel gauge that allows you to watch your fuel and see when fuel needs to be added to keep it going. On the other hand, the problem with heavy generators is that they generate a lot of noise, but not this one. It produces only 66 dB of sound at 25% load. Apart from that, it has a noise-canceling housing that suppresses the noise and also shields inward-facing segments.


  • Fuel efficient and quiet
  • Low oil shutdown included


  • No parallel connection

5. An iPower SUA2000iV 2000-watt

An iPower SUA2000iV 2000-watt inverter generator​

The portable 2000-watt inverter generator an iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet is used to control your electrical devices and equipment in the event of a power failure, for a stern, on an outdoor trip, or for various occasions when you need a compact power source. It measures 50 pounds and has a handle that should make it easy to take anywhere you need to take it with you.

Moreover, the generator only makes 58 decibels of noise, so it doesn’t keep you or anyone else busy with everything that’s happening.

More so, the inverter technology is designed to provide you with safe, clean electricity that you can use to control all of your electronic devices, such as B. PCs or PDAs.

Furthermore, this product allows the parallel connection. This means that you don’t have to buy another device to connect it to another generator to generate more power. Also, at the time of purchasing this product, you receive a two-year warranty and free technical support as long as you own the product.


  • Lightweight
  • Parallel connection


  • Lowest rated power

Things to Consider Before Looking Best Generator for Home Backup Power

It is not an easy task to opt for a convenient generator for home use. What is not so easy is to choose one that best suits your needs. However, you can make it easier by focusing on the related generator factors:


This is obviously the most important factor of all. The amount of watts you have determines how many and what types of machines you can run with your generator. So you need to count how many watts (starting and running watts) you need from the devices you need to run.

Moreover, for home reinforcement, you may need generators that provide thousands of watts if you want to make sure your icebox and air conditioner will stay on during a power outage. Also, a decent generator can engage your lights and maybe the television.


Of course, you should be aware of the price. You have to balance your spending limit with the power you need because the more watts you get, the higher the price of the generator. Likewise, you can’t just agree to a humble machine that doesn’t give you the watts you need.

Fuel source

Some generators run on gas and others run on propane. You need to look at the pros and cons of fuel and LPG generators to determine which type suits your needs.

But if both of you approve, a dual fuel generator could be more accurate than you would prefer. You can also opt for a home generator, which is essentially a battery-powered battery if your power requirements are not that high.

Moreover, if you just need to make sure that your phone and PC are powered, you only need two or three hundred watts that such a generator can supply. At this point, you will find the minimal plan of a battery generator with good pace, lightweight, quiet tasks, and the absence of harmful fumes.


It is said that a decent generator is one that even a child can understand. So if something gets involved excessively, you may need to look for a superior other option.

However, your generator should come with a manual, regardless of whether you can discover packages if YouTube recordings are the most efficient way to use them. It is far better if you have excellent technical customer support.


How light and compact is your unit? However, a heavy generator doesn’t have to be that bad if you have a decent handle and wheels to make the generator increasingly portable. This factor decides that it is so natural to carry your generator to the coast or to a campsite.


Every year, a generator that runs for a long time is cheaper than a generator that runs for a year. That is basic arithmetic. So you need a permanent generator – if it’s not solid, what is it about? Therefore, check the guarantee, as this will give you an insight into the extent to which the manufacturer expects the generator to last.

Also, you should consider the safety highlights of the generator, similar to the programmed shutdown at low oil level and the electrical switch. Likewise, read through the various customer reviews, as their grumbling may reveal the awful brand of a particular generator model.


While inverter generators are incredibly quieter than normal generators. Still, there is a big difference between one machine and the other. As a result, it is important to take a closer look at the noise generated by the inverter generators in your Rundown. This may not be an essential factor in your purchase, but it is certainly something to remember.


It’s not strange to spot inverter generators under $75, much easier here and there. While you can discover small generators with open housing, inverter generators are usually lighter.


Some generators have been made for outdoor use, while others are increasingly suitable for indoor use. So, choosing where your generator is located can help you make your selection. Compact generators, similar to those mentioned in this review, can be used both outdoors and at home to keep you under control during a power need.


Opting for the lowest size of your generator can harm your technology and the device. So, you need to make sure that you choose a generator that is either large enough to fit all of the technology, or that is reduced in transportation and capacity. Usually, the larger the generator, the higher the standard. You would rather not pay more than you need.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

If have some questions, here we intend to give answers to some of the commonly asked questions. Give them a look and you might the answer that you have been looking for.

What are these inverter generators?

Inverter generators are basically a mixture of an inverter device used in solar or vehicle batteries and a generator. Inverter generators are considered to be more solid than their standard partners and can offer better capacity for longer.

Which generator is best suited for home backup?

It depends on what you need and what you need. Do you only need to power your cell phone and PC to work and have fun, and maybe a few lights and a fan to relax? For these small devices, you only need a few hundred watts to get through.

But many want to control their coolers so that the staple remains new. The air conditioning may also need to be running in late spring.

These machines are more power-hungry and you need a lot more watts to commit them. This is absolutely valid if you supply your entire house with electricity as if there were no violent power cuts.

What makes inverter generators unique?

In contrast to conventional generators and inverters, inverter generators are extremely useful and have many interesting points that your partners cannot find. When looking for a versatile power source, important highlights need to be sought, and an inverter generator is often tied to your practical power requirements.

How can I run my generator sufficiently?

Make sure you rate your generator regularly. Check for damage, dust accumulation, and other issues that may prevent execution or cause a safety problem. If you have to, have the generator set by a specialist who can keep it at work.

Which size generator do I need?

When looking for the best generator for your home or outdoor trip, you need to consider what it is used for to determine the size. The size of a generator alludes to the current output. The mileage is slightly lower than the starting sum, as this is constantly refueled when used.

Moreover, you need to consider what the generator is used for – d. H. For which technology, machines, or locations the generator is used – and to what extent you need it for an operation to determine the performance.

How does a generator work?

Generators use a variety of components to generate electricity that can be used in your home or RV. Relying on the sort of unit that you have, the fuel source will vary, and therefore what will likely drive the generator will as well vary.

Regardless of what fuel is required, a generator works with mechanical power. This energy supplies the fuel with electrons and creates an electrical flow that can be used to control machines and other technologies. Since generators for power generation rely on other fuel sources, they are ideal for crises, power outages, catastrophic events or basically just for traveling outdoors. You shouldn’t be connected to a power source or even be within an area to have power if you have a solid generator.

Will rain hurt an inverter generator?

It is neither safe nor mandatory to use an inverter generator in the rain. Not only can you risk electrical stunning, but the downpour can also damage your device. If you need to use it in damp conditions, make sure that it is equipped with a shelter or tent.


Buying the best inverter generator for your home backup is one of the essential methods for planning a power outage. It can make a difference whether you are comfortable during a power blackout or create hopeless memories in any form without effort.

With the benefits you appreciate, every penny you spend is justified despite all the difficulties .However, you are required to make sure  that you get a decent generator from the reviewed units above.

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