Best Generator for Apartment

Best Generator for Apartment

It is common to experience a power failure and the next power outage is not predictable. So getting an emergency generator is very necessary to keep some important appliances in your apartment running. And getting the best emergency generator for home depends on some things such as the size. What you need the generator for is also important, like using it to power your apartment or for outdoor activities.

Even if you decided to use the generator inside your apartment, there are some just for you. Now that you have decided to get a generator, there are too many options of generators you can choose from. Enough reason you need to go read this article. This guide will help you with some five best generators for your apartment with their pros and cons. It will give you all the information you need in getting a generator. So you don’t need to disturb yourself on which generator to go for.

Best Generator for Apartment

What size generator do I need for my apartment?

The generator’s size you will need depends on what you need it for. And getting to know the size of the generator you will need to run your apartment is simple. You do this by making a list of all lights and appliances in your apartment. Then, add up their power ratings which are measured in watts. The generator also has its power ratings. The size of the rating will determine the amount of power they will deliver. And how many appliances and lights they can run at once. Once you have known the total size of all the electric appliances in your apartment you are good to go.  And it is advisable to get a generator with a larger capacity than you have planned. Say about 20 percent more than you will need.

How to hook up a generator to an apartment

Get your generator connected to your apartment in these simple steps:

  • Drill an access Hole. Drill the conduit hole as close to the panel as you can.
  • Removing the front cover of the power inlet box and attach the PVC fitting. Then, screw it to the wall.
  • Fit in the conduit in between the fixed power inlet box and the hole and glue it down.
  • Fix the Generator Inlet Plug wire and connect the terminals as appropriate.
  • Push wires inside make them pass through the conduit into the house one at a time.
  • Pull the wires and make them pass through the adapter into the breaker box.
  • Install the generator breaker and wires on the circuit breaker.
  • Fix Interlock on the panel cover. Ensure that the main can be turned on easily.

5 Best Indoor Generator in 2022

1. Generac GP2500i Inverter

Generac GP2500i Inverter

This is an inverter generator and it is perfect for outdoor activities, be it camping, tailgating, or other recreational activities. It can operate quietly for a long period without noise emission. Another interesting thing about this inverter generator is that it produces clean power. With this, you have peace of mind plugging in any appliances. It produces a very clean, stable, and true power needed by sensitive appliances, electronics, and tools in your apartment. This generator is portable, compact, and fully enclosed, and this accounts for its easy transportation. It was designed in a way that helps to reduce the cost of usage. That is, its economy mode feature reduces fuel consumption rates.

The Generac GP2500i inverter generator’s powered capability is awesome. It is powered by a 98cc, single-cylinder, and four-stroke OHV engine. Its starting wattage is 2500 and keeps running at a wattage of 2200. You will feel comfortable using this generator, its peak current is 20.8 Amperes and keeps running at 18.3 Amperes. With this, you are safe to plug in many small and some larger devices and the generator will still work perfectly. Do not connect your AC, microwave, TV, and refrigerator all at once, it might be too much for the generator to carry. But, you are free to go with multiple small appliances all at once with no problem. Its fuel tank is not that big but it still runs for a good hour.

The fuel efficiency is very high, it consumes about 0.13 gallons per hour. So you will feel comfortable using this generator to run your AC or heating unit overnight. This inverter is user-friendly, you will not have any problem getting it to start. If you wish to increase its power output by connecting another identical unit, it is very easy. You just do this with its paralleling kit and you get twice the power output. Clean energy for delicate electronics. Works great in all weather. Low noise level. Fuel efficiency. Parallel operation ready.

2. Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

Whenever there is a power outage, you will need a backup generator to kick off immediately. So, the Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator is an awesome choice when it comes to getting a standby generator for your apartment. And it is the largest air-cooled standby generator made especially for your apartment. They are not costly and they provide reasonable power, enough to power the entire apartment. When connecting this generator to your apartment, you connect through an automatic transfer switch which has a load shedding.

This will help to kick start the generator a few seconds after the main power goes off. The source of fuel for this generator can be the home’s natural gas, or you can set up an external propane tank for it. This generator has Wi-Fi technology. With this, you will be able to monitor the generator’s performance through your Smartphone or computer. This generator produces a very clean, stable power. So, you can safely run your sensitive appliances. But it is still advisable that although its power is stable, make use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect your electronics. This generator is also very quiet, you don’t have to worry about noise pollution. And it has a high fuel efficiency, it consumes less fuel.

The Generac 22kW Generator has a heart of a G-Force OHVI (Over Head Valve Industrial) 999cc engine. This makes it very solid, capable of operating for days and not just hours. It will comfortably produce a starting power of 22000 Watt and keep running at 19500 Watt.

This generator has an aluminum casing that prevents corrosion. And it is coated with a powder-coated finish, all this is to protect it from any kind of weather. Make sure you go through the user’s manual before using this generator. Can run the entire house. Wi-Fi enabled. It features a multilingual menu on its remote monitoring controller. 5 years limited warranty.

3. Champion power equipment 100111

Champion power equipment 100111

This is a powerful 12,000-watt generator and one of the best electricity plan for apartment. It has a starting power of 15,000 watts and keeps running at 12,000 watts. With tank is filled up with gasoline. , it can run and provide power for up to nine hours of run time. Its 717cc V-Twin Champion engine is very reliable. It has an electric start and its battery features Intelligauge. And it is capable of providing all the power you need in your apartment. It can also serve as a home backup generator during an outage or your next project.

This generator is very portable, easy to use. It has 1.5 quarts of 10W-30 engine oil and a low oil shut-off sensor. As a result of this, you do not need to buy engine oil but gasoline only. It is designed to aid safe and easy transport. It is also quiet and you need not worry about noise disturbance.

Its big engine makes it suitable to handle big projects. It can handle power tools and large equipment. With this power generator, you will easily get your job done

With its intelligence, the frequency, voltage, and working hours of the machine will be monitored. It helps to keep track of the power output and maintenance level of the generator. As a result, it can take in any appliances be it sump pump, AC, computer, and so on.

It consists of one 120V 30A locking, a 120/240V 30A locking, a 120/240V 50A. In addition are Four 120V 20A GFCI outlets, and Volt Guard. All these are in-built surge protectors. And they help to prevent overloads and keep your appliances and equipment safe. You are safe getting this generator because it has a reliable warranty of up to a 3-years limit. And it is certified by EPA and CARB. Electric start. 3-year limited warranty. Ultra power. Volt guard. Easy to use.

4. Generark Solar powered Generator

Generark Solar powered Generator

This is an incredible power backup generator. It is useful in times of power outage to light up your apartment and keep some necessary appliances running. This generator can be used outdoor or in your apartment. It supplies power of 1000 Watt and is enough to keep your household running. And it can handle all kinds of technology. It has a solar panel for recharging. Since it is capable of getting its power from the sunlight, you would not be bothered about a power outage. Especially in places where there is adequate sunlight.

Its solar power 2 has a higher solar power conversion efficiency of 50%. That is, it has an integrated Maximum-Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge, controller. This controller allows the solar panels to bring the backup power station back to 80% after just two hours of charging. And after three to four hours, it will reach 100% of its power. In addition, it can source its power from an AC outlet, or your car’s auxiliary port. It can run smoothly, giving you the needed essential power for up to seven days. And it can store electricity for emergency backup power for up to a year.

In case you live in a surrounding where you get a snowstorm, you can still make use of this generator.  Whenever its power has been used up, you can charge it through its AC outlet with a traditional generator. Or you can recharge through the auxiliary car’s port with your car outlet. While you are using this generator, you can plug it into the wall outlet to keep recharging it. With this, you will not have to run out of power. And best of all is its portability, it is foldable, easy to set up and use. Build quality, Massive power, many ports, USB-C. Rechargeable is the mouth-watering feature.

5. Jackery Portable power station explorer 240

Jackery Portable power station explorer 240

The Jackery Explorer 240 is a very simple, and portable generator. It is designed to suit both outdoor use and indoor use. It has a big battery of 240Wh (14.4V 16.8Ah). You can connect your appliance straight to this generator through its AC outlet. It comes with a charger to charge the generator itself, an AC adapter, and a car charger. Its charger is well built and very portable, and the generator itself is lightweight. It has a handle at the top with which you can easily carry it and it has a good balance. This explorer will easily charge your phone more than 20 times. And you can power your mini-fridge and laptop with it.

It produces a pure and stable power, so it is safe to use. You can conveniently make use of it in your apartment to power some sensitive electronics. It comes with quite a several features an AC adapter through which you can easily charge the generator itself. There are three different ways through which you can recharge the power station. You can use the mains charger or the solar panel with its inbuilt controller. The third way is to make use of the included car charger cable The performance of the Jackery Explorer 240 is very excellent as it can fast charge.

You will get a fast charge at a surge capacity of 400 W. And it will keep running at this power rating regardless of the appliances connected to it. The set of small buttons on this generator makes you switch on or off different output ports. And they are all working perfectly. This makes it easier to control what you are charging and you don’t need to be plugging and unplugging things. Longevity, Indoor use, Multiple power options, Uses lithium batteries, LCD screen and Can use all ports at one time.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Emergency Generator For Apartment

Determine Your Power Priorities

The first thing when getting the best generators for homes or apartments is to determine the capacity of the generator you want. You can know this by making a list of all you want to keep running when the power is down. Then add up their power ratings which are measured in watts. The generator also has its power ratings. The size of the rating will determine the amount of power they will deliver. And how many appliances and lights they can run at once. Once you have determined the size or capacity of the generator you want you are good to go. And it is advisable to get a generator with a larger capacity than you have planned. Say about 20 percent more than you will need.

Pick a Type

There are four different types of generators. They are standby generators, portable generators, inverter generators, and portable power stations. The area of application might determine the type you will want.

If you are looking for a generator for outdoor activities for example. It is best advised to go for a portable and/ an inverter generator. They are easy to move about, and they are of different sizes. Portable generators are less cost than standby generators. But they provide less power when compared to the standby generators. Inverter generators on the other hand are very quiet and they produce less emission.

Standby generators are installed permanently. They are not meant to be carried about. And they can start automatically whenever the power goes off. Also, they supply enough power to run bigger appliances in your apartment.

The Portable power stations are regarded as large batteries used to store electricity for when you need it. An example is the Generark Solar-powered Generator for homes.

Useful Features

Now that you have decided the type of generator you want. The next thing to look out for is some useful features on the generator you want. These features make the generator easier to use. Some of them include:

The electric start. You might look for a generator that has an electric start to get the generator started instead of a pull cord. It is also good if you get a generator that has both the electric and cord starter.

Fuel gauges and hour meter, this feature is common to portable or standby generators. With the fuel gauge, it will be easier to know how much fuel is left in the tank. The hour meter keeps the track of hours the generator runs. And it tells you when you need to change the oil and other maintenance.

Low oil shutoff will help to put off the generator when the oil level is getting too low. It helps to protect the generator from damage.

The inverter technology. This will help to prevent power surges in your generator. They do this by smoothly converting the alternating current to direct current and back to alternating current over the surges.

Weather Protected Control Panel. This helps to protect the control panel of the generator from rain, dirt, dust, and debris.

Outlets. Go for a generator in which its outlets are circuit breaker protected.

Fuel Tanks. In the case of portable and standby generators, the Larger fuel tanks the longer the generator will run with no interruption.

Muffler. This is very important, and it helps reduce engine noise. So when getting a generator, look for a generator with a Super Silencer muffler for extra noise reduction.

Wheels. This is necessary for the easy movement of the generator. Generators with pneumatic wheels are good for easier transportation over rugged terrain like construction sites.

Fuel type

If you choose to go for portable or standby generators, the fuel type is also necessary to look at. There are many choices of fuel types to choose from. They are gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), also known as propane, Natural gas, and Diesel. The most commonly available fuel is gasoline. If you will not frequently use your backup generator, do not go for a gasoline fuel type. This is because if the gasoline stays in the carburetor for a long time without use, it leaves gummy deposits. And as a result, blocking the fuel from passing through. Starting the generator will now become difficult without servicing. However, this can be avoided, you just need to use up the fuel in the carburetor.


This is an essential feature to look out for when getting a generator. Especially when you need the generator for outdoor activities. You will have to move the generator from one place to another. So you have to consider the weight and how portable the generator is before buying. If you are going for a standby generator, then its weight will not matter. But if you are going on camping or other recreational activities and you will need electricity. You have to note this. The rechargeable battery of the generator should not be heavy. And there should be a handle with which you can easily carry the generator.


Having a reliable source to power the apartment in times of power failure is very important. That is why a generator is necessary, they supply emergency power at a reasonable cost. Getting a backup generator for your apartment or a portable generator for your outdoor activities will give you peace of mind. That is why this guide has given you as much information you will need.

This guide has helped you with information on the generator for your apartment. It has detailed out some points you have to know in getting the generators. Any of the generators you chose here is the best choice for you. There are listed here, standby generators, portable generators, inverter generators, and portable power generators for you.

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