best quiet portable generators

Best Quiet Portable Generators

Using a noisy generator. especially in a high-population area is not a walk in the park. Worse still is when the generator is not portable. This would cause a lot of nuisance to you and the neighborhood. The choice of a quiet and portable generator would be the best thing to consider.

This is why I developed this article to guide you on the type of generator to buy. It contains well-researched and up-to-date information. You can fully rely on it to make a solid and informed decision. Read this best quiet generator for home guide to know more.

3 Best Silent Generators Comparison

Our Top Pick
Our Top PickWestinghouse Super Quiet Portable Generator iGen4500 with Inverter
  • Weight Pounds: 97
  • Dimensions: (inches): 18 x 10 x 15.5
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
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Best Choice 1
Best Choie 1Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56380i
  • Weight Pounds: 111
  • Dimensions: (inches) 23.2 x 18 x 20.1
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
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Best Choice 2
Best Choice 2Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56200i
  • Weight Pounds: 53.8
  • Dimensions: (inches) 18 x 11 x 18
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
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5 Best Quiet Portable Generators in 2022

1. Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Generator iGen4500 with Inverter

Westinghouse iGen4500 3700-watt inverter generator

As the name says, this generator is quiet. It produces minimum noise when it is in use. The system is fitted with a silencing system that absorbs all the noise produced.

The generator is gas-powered and at the same time fuel-efficient. It consumes up to 3.4 gallons for every 18 hours of use. The gas tank is slightly large to hold more fuel. It is portable and can be shipped from one point to another with ease. On the rear side are two wheels that help in the mobility of the generator.

The generator can produce up to 4’500 watts of electricity at its peak. When in low mode, it produces up to 3’700 watts of electric energy. It is fitted with a screen that shows all the generator data. Such data includes power output, fuel level, lifetime hours, voltage output, and remaining run time. All these data are displayed on a single screen.

When you buy this generator, you get up to three years of warranty. Apart from that, you get free lifetime technical support.


  • It produces no or minimum noise when it is in use. At the same time, it is highly fuel-efficient. The machine consumes a little amount of gas.
  • It is portable and can be moved from one location to another. With wheels on the rear side, it can be attached to a vehicle and be carted away with ease.


  • It is heavy and cannot be moved by hand.

2. Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56302i with Inverter

Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56302i with Inverter

A super silent generator that comes fitted with an inverter to convert power from DC to AC. It is quiet when in operation and the minimum sound produced is negligible.

The generator is light. It weighs around 40 pounds. This makes it ideal for storage and transportation. With its lightweight, it can be moved by use of a hand.

It is fitted with a fuel cut-off mechanism. This makes the generator to consume the fuel in the carburetor before shutting off. By doing so, the generator will have a long lifespan. It is also fuel-efficient as it uses very little gas for a prolonged time.

Get up to 2’000 watts of electricity with this machine. It is fitted with a surge protector which helps to regulate power when produced.

The generator can power many appliances at any given time. It has several plugin outputs to light up rooms and charge the appliances.

With the purchase of this product, you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty on technical support. On the other hand, you will get up to two years warranty on other parts.


  • Super silent generator, which is light in weight and produces a high amount of energy. The energy produce can run several appliances as well as lighting the house. It is highly portable.
  • The generator is fuel-efficient and consumes very little gas. It can be moved from one location to another with a lot of ease.


  • Owing to its size, it may not be able to run several heavy power-consuming appliances at once.

3. Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56380i

The generator hardly produces noise when in operation. It has a mechanism to minimize noise. With low levels of noise produced, it is ideal for use in a high-density population area. This is because it does not cause a nuisance to the neighbors.

It produces clean power which is safe for appliances. The inverter which is fitted to it also helps in converting DC to AC. All appliances can safely use AC without damaging them. It has a surge protector which helps in regulating the power which is passed to the appliances. Most of the appliances run on 120V power. When the generator produces more than that, the surge protector helps in stepping down the impact.

It is fuel-efficient. With a little amount of fuel, the generator can run for a whole day without asking for more. The generator is programmed to consume the fuel in the carburetor before shutting down. In this case, the lifespan of the generator is maximized.

It is portable, owing to its weight. The product comes with a two-year warranty. This covers the entire system.


  • It does not produce a lot of noise when it is in use. The generator is ideal for use in a high-density area.
  • It can run several appliances as well as the lighting system. With clean power produced, all the appliances are safe from power surge and damages.


  • Owing to its capacity, it may not be able to power heavy power-consuming products simultaneously.

4. Durostar Gas Powered Portable Generator DS4000S

With 4’000 watts of electrical power produced, you can power everything in the house. This generator even though its engine is silent, produces a lot of energy. It can run several heavy power-consuming appliances such as fridges and freezers.

The generator has a fuel tank that has a capacity of up to 3.96 gallons. When fully fueled, the gas can run the generator for up to 18 hours without interruption. After fully using up the fuel, it automatically switches itself off without burning out. It is fitted with plugin outputs to cater for several appliances simultaneously.

The generator is powered by a powerful engine with a low oil shutoff. This means that it maximizes the use of available resources before shutting down. It is light and highly portable.

It is fitted with a panel that displays all the machine’s data while in use. The data displayed include power output, battery level, fuel level, the health status of the battery, and so on. This means that it is easy to control the system from a central location.


  • The amount of noise produced by the generator is negligible. It does not cause a nuisance. The power produced is strong enough to run all the appliances and the lighting system in the house.
  • It is fuel-efficient. Once fueled to a full tank, it can run up to 18 hours without any interruption.


  • By purchasing this generator, you should be having a lot of appliances to run. Otherwise, the amount of energy produced might not match consumption.

5. Wen Super Quiet Portable Generator 56200i

WEN 56200i inverter generator 2000-watt

The name suggests, the generator is extremely silent, with the amount of noise produced when at work being negligible. This means that it can be deployed without a problem in a high-density population area. The level of noise produced is as recommended by the United States health department.

It produces clean energy which is safe enough to run all the appliances without damage. The generator is fitted with an inverter to convert the current from DC to AC which can be comfortably consumed by the appliances.

It is fitted with a surge protector to help in protecting the appliances when the power produced is irregular. The power produced can be up to 2’000 watts which is enough to run all the appliances in the house. It is ideal too for powering the lighting system.

For those people who love camping, this is the generator which I would highly recommend to you. This is because it is light and can be carried to the site easily. It is fuel-efficient. The system consumes very little gas while a lot of energy is produced on the other hand.


  • It is silent. The amount of noise produced is negligible.
  • It produces a lot of power which can power virtually everything in the house, lighting system included. The weight of the generator is 40 pounds. Such a generator can be lifted using one hand.


  • Owing to its size, it might not have the capacity to power heavy power consuming appliances such as a freezer. This is so especially if you have several of them.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Quiet Generator for the Money

Before buying a generator, it is always good to undertake some background study before spending money. On a piece of paper, write down what you desire to have, and carry out comparisons with what can be offered in the market. To get the best of the generator, here is what you need to look for.

1. The power output

Generators have different levels of power output. While some can produce up to 4’000 watts of electric power, others can even produce up to 2’000 watts. It is therefore important to understand the power which you desire to have. Given that most appliances run on 120V, a generator that produces low voltage may become inefficient. Should you have several appliances, then you will need a lot of power and vice versa.

The first point is to establish the amount of power with which your appliances will consume. From there, decide on the generator with the appropriate power output. You should also bear in mind that you may make some additions to the list of appliances by purchasing some more.

2. The noise level

Some generators are too noisy. Such noises could be beyond what is recommended by the health department of the US. Familiarize yourself with the dictates of the law before buying a generator. In general, the little noise a generator can produce, the better it is to buy. Noisy generators have a low lifespan due to high vibrations. Silent generators can be deployed anywhere without the worry of disturbing the neighborhood.

Generally, a low noise-producing generator is recommended for use by the law and even by the health department. Such generators can be used in camping sites which brings convenience to everyone. If your generator is noisy, you can fit silencers to it to manage the problem.

3. Fuel efficiency and environment-friendly

Different kinds of generators consume fuel at different rates. Generally, the latest models of generators are fuel as compared to what we had a few years ago. They also tend to operate for long hours without burning up. The latest models too save in terms of carbon dioxide emission hence good in protecting the environment.

Before buying a generator, it is good to contact several suppliers for quotations on the amount of fuel consumed. This should be able to guide you on what can be best chosen for purchase. Many generators have been branded as fuel-efficient, yet it might not be the case. Due diligence should then be observed during procurement.

4. Portability and the physical size

Oftentimes, you may have to move from one location to another. This could be for camping, exhibition and so one. During those times, you will need a source of power. A generator is the most ideal tool for this purpose. For this reason, it is important to consider buying a portable generator. There are those which are light and can be carried using one hand. Such may not be ideal if you have appliances that use a high amount of power. If you have several appliances that need power, then it is better to buy a bigger but portable generator.

5. The fuel type

While some generators run on diesel gas, others do run on gasoline. The cost of the two gas types is not always the same in the market. Generators running on gas tend to be fast. Fuel is also easy to come by. This means that you are always guaranteed power. Such generators are also fuel-efficient.

It is also good to remember that it is easier to come by diesel fuel than to get gasoline. Diesel is a little bit cheaper too.

6. The size of the fuel tank

Generators that run on small fuel tanks are quite bothering. This is because your intervention will be needed all the time to fill it up. On the other hand, having one with a larger capacity is excellent. This is because once when you fuel it, you do not need to keep on checking it quite often. However, this may mean that you will be forced to buy a large generator.

7. The control system

Most of the current generators are electronically with a single board. In the recent past, they were being mechanically operated and controlled. As you immerse yourself in the market in search of the generator to buy, consider looking at the control system. The advanced types of these generators can be remotely controlled from the comfort of the room. Therefore, get to understand all the features that a generator offers, including the control system before making a purchase.

There are those which you can program to come on by itself and to even go off. These are the best models that you should consider purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What type of fuel is most preferred for generators?

Different types of fuel can be used by the generator. These can either be diesel, propane, or gasoline. The make of the engine of the generator best determines what fuel type it can use. For stationary generators, propane is the most ideal gas. Fuel such as diesel the other hand can be easily found in the market.
Therefore, to decide which fuel type to use, you have to first consider which generator you have. You should be able to determine this from the market when you go to purchase the generator.

Do portable generators work with an automatic starting system?

No, it does not work with the automatic start system. This is because in most cases, it does not have the power capacity to operate an automatic start system. For such a thing to happen, however, the generator should be fitted with a choke. This is in addition to auto-start and auto-stop functions. However, these additional functionalities make the cost of the portable generators shoot up. This explains why they are not always available for sale. No one wants to buy them because of cost inhibition.

What are the costs associated with owning a generator?

On purchasing the generator, some costs come with it. The first is the purchase cost of the generator. Other costs include shipping fees, insurance costs on transit, and the cost of clearance (taxes).
During installation, especially of the stationery generators, you will need a professional. Professionals doing the work will demand some fee. Most of these costs are always absorbed into the purchase cost of the generator.
Costs associated with the running of the generator should also be considered. These costs include fuel as well as repairs and maintenance. These operational costs are ongoing and they do not end. So long as the generator is in use, these costs will always be there. They are necessary and unavoidable. What you need to do to avoid huge fuel costs is by buying a fuel-efficient generator. This is the first thing to consider.

What do I need to do to know which generator is best suited for me?

This should be informed by your needs and by what appliances you have. If you want to buy one for camping purposes, then you need a small one. You will need a larger one if you have several appliances to use. There are those appliances that consume a lot of power. Such includes freezers, washing machines, microwaves, electric heater, and so on. You cannot depend on small generators to run such machines. Having understood that concept, it then becomes easy to decide on the generator type which you need. It is not always good to limit yourself. You should, therefore, buy one which produces more power, having in mind that you may need some new appliances in the future.
In general, smaller generators produce less electric power and the opposite is true.

How long can a generator last?

This depends on how you take care of it. With proper care and handling, a generator can serve you for decades. However, if manhandled, it won’t last long.
Caring for a generator requires you to:

Frequenting servicing. This involves replacing wearable parts, changing engine oil, replacement of oil and fuel filters and so on. Leaving the engine oil to be used for long without a replacement will make the engine to knock. When the engine knocks, you will have to incur a lot of costs to get a new replacement.
Cleaning the generator. Oftentimes, oil and fuel spillage can make the surface of the generator dirty. If such is not wiped off, it may lead to rusts which eventually eats up the parts.

Replacement of breaking parts such as the starter.

How long does a warranty cover generator?

This mostly depends on the manufacturer. While some offer up to 3 years of warranty, some even offer up to two years. Other manufacturers’ office lifetime support on technical issues concerning the generator. It is not therefore possible to say the period with which the warranty will last without knowing the manufacturer.

Warranty may cease depending on the following eventualities:
Expiry of terms of the warranty.
Selling of the product to a third party.
Damage of the product by an act of God, such as earthquakes.
Altering the product willfully by the owner, and so on.


When buying a generator, you should consider buying a noiseless and portable one. This is an ideal one with the current emerging needs. A portable generator is good for persons who do a lot of traveling and camping. A less noisy one can be deployed anywhere including high-density residential areas. Such generators do not pollute the environment. They are also designed not to cause a nuisance to the neighbors.

Before buying a generator, there are several factors to look into. Such things include the type of fuel to use, durability, portability, control system, and so on. Before making any purchase, consider doing a thorough market survey.

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