How to use portable generator

How to Use Portable Generator

Are you facing frequent power-offs from main electricity? Is it that you are going to outdoor camping? Is your private business portable? At this point, we understand your need. You need a portable power generator.

A portable generator is of great help when you run out of power unexpectedly. It is usually ideal incases there is an unavoidable need to keep some things moving and functioning during power-offs.

Many people deploy portable generators as an emergency power source during emergency times. This includes the crises such as tremors, tropical storms, typhoons, or cyclones. When some of these emergency times occur, there are usually rescue missions. If such missions need to go beyond the daylight, then the portable generator becomes ideal.

Either way, you should know how to use a portable generator. Knowing how to use it is the best way to maximize it and rip up the dollars you have invested in it.

Why should you know how to use a portable generator?

Some people even on owning a portable generator don’t know how to use it. It could very well be a backup generator they bought for crises. It can also be just a cool toy dad you have in the carport. In any case, most do not know how a generator can be used safely or appropriately. These are the reason why we have prepared this piece of article.

There are many reasons why a person should know how to properly and safely use a portable generator. Importantly, a portable generator can power many things. So, one can be sure that there are many advantages of a portable generator. This is particularly for a person who needs to be prepared for any possible situation that may arise.

Advantages include providing power to devices during an emergency shutdown. Also, it can be used as a power backup to ensure the efficiency and uninterrupted operation of a service or business. More so, from its name, you can easily carry it around.

Dangers of using a portable generator

However, the life-saving device comes with risks. Here are some of the associated risks.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the main risk when using generators. It is produced from the generator’s fumes. What makes this type of gas dangerous is the fact that it is hard to notice its presence. It is a colorless and odorless gas. The gas when inhaled in large amounts can cause silent death.

  • Noise

Portable generators are in most cases loud and noisy. so, using your generator while close to it can hurt your eardrums.

  • Electrical shocking 

When using a portable generator, just like any other electrical power generator, there is always the risk of electrical shock. Think of a portable generator as any other source of power. Since generators do not have safety devices, there is a risk of electric shock.

  • Fire hazard

Generators are similar to motors. They get hot on running for a long time and can go to the extreme of causing the fire.

Aspects to consider when using a portable generator

So based on the listed associated risks, you must understand how to use a portable generator safely.

Here, we take a look at some of the things that you should consider to use the generator in a safe way

Using it within its power ratings

The first thing to using a generator safely is to check its ratings. You should check both the generator’s maximum and rated power output. This will help you determine what sort of gadgets your generator can power.

So, should prepare a table that explains the wattage requirements for each appliance in the home. You can usually find this data in the generator’s instruction manual. The data can help you prioritize which devices to run.

Proper grounding

If you need to use a generator properly, safety must be a top priority.  Always ensure that your portable generator is properly grounded before turning it on. Many people also don’t understand how to ground a generator. You will find all of this data and more in the operating instructions for the generator.

Right Connection

You should never plug your portable generator directly into an electrical outlet. This is an important safety measure to prevent accidents. Connecting a generator directly to an electrical outlet can damage various devices. Also, it can cause feedback or surge. Accordingly, you should connect your appliances by use of an extension cable.

Right power cords

It is important to use the correct power cords for the types of machines that you intend to power using your generator. For example, if you are using a generator, consider connecting your extra cables to the generator’s power source itself. Usually, your generator has a specific voltage source for different power cables. For example, some outlets can only work using 120 volts while others can work on up to 230 volts.

Correct and safe refilling

Do you know that refueling a portable generator is very critical? It can cause death if done in the wrong way. So for safety, make sure you are using a fuel container that has been certified for re-fueling into the generator. Also, make sure that you generally refuel your generator when it’s off.

It should also have been cooled for some time. When storing your generator fuel, always make sure to keep the fuel outside of your home. You should not store it in your basement or your carport.

Read the manual first

A generator is real hardware and should be handled and operated carefully and attentively. A good starting point before using your generator at any time is the instruction manual that came with the machine. Going through those instruction manuals can guarantee your safety during the use of that portable generator.

Check the ventilation

Continuously ensure that the generator is working in a properly ventilated environment. It should never be used in your home, office, or an enclosed area. Like I said before, portable generators emit various emissions, including carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can cause death when inhaled in large quantities.


There is no doubt that you should use and handle a portable generator properly. So, if you have plans to purchase or use it at any point, think about the risks. There are several safety considerations when using a portable generator. The above critical areas of a portable generator, we have listed will not only guarantee your safety but also guarantee the durability and reliability of your purchased unit.

Always consult this article when you want to know how to use a portable generator.

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